Pictures of the lovely SwankiVY!!

Not in any order, but I try to put mostly recent ones near the top.

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[?]videoface.jpg: Me right before making a new video for YouTube. March 19, 2016.

[?]sadieselfie2.jpg: Dressed up as Sadie from Steven Universe for Halloween. October 31, 2015.

[?]nightvalebook.jpg: Me when my Welcome to Night Vale book came. October 23, 2015.

[?]johnsplace.jpg: A fan was blowing my hair during an attempted selfie at John's house. May 27, 2015.

[?]curls1.jpg: Trying out a new hairstyle to see if I can look fancy.. May 24, 2015.

[?]nightvaletickets.jpg: I got Night Vale tickets. April 2, 2015.

[?]coolshades.jpg: I was very pink on my birthday. January 17, 2015.

[?]tiaramentor.jpg: Taking a silly photo to illustrate a blog post. July 31, 2014.

[?]atmoms.jpg: Me after my new short haircut. February 15, 2014.

[?]rentbackyard2.jpg: Hanging out in the rental house's backyard in San Francisco. January 4, 2014.

[?]mosij.jpg: Me at MOSI by the sign. October 5, 2013.

[?]adventuretimesunglasses.jpg: The silly sunglasses with Adventure Time characters that I bought to be cool. September 7, 2013.

[?]meganbday9.jpg: Karaoke for Megan's birthday. August 17, 2013.

[?]bmodress3.jpg: My BMO outfit after a convention. July 28, 2013.

[?]prophoto.jpg: I had to take a new picture for work. February 18, 2013.

[?]agentsign.jpg: Me with my newly signed literary agency contract. August 20, 2012.

[?]postparty.jpg: Here's me, warm and tired but satisfied after cleaning up the Halloween party. October 31, 2011.

[?]epicpigtails.jpg: Ever so classy photo of my epic pigtails in the bathroom mirror. October 2, 2011.

[?]day1pins.jpg: Me with the Sleeping Beauty pins I bought at Disney. July 15, 2011.

[?]day0hotel.jpg: This is me at my Disney hotel, taking an unusually successful photo of myself with my phone while trying to get the pool in behind me. July 14, 2011.

[?]rosewater.jpg: Me in a fuzzy hat, holding rosewater. November 8, 2010.

[?]burrito4.jpg: I was cold, so I wrapped myself up in a pink Slanket like a burrito. November 6, 2010.

[?]bustrip4.jpg: Riding on the bus, going to a mall in Bradenton. August 10, 2010.

[?]oceanbikini1.jpg: Trying out my new bathing suit in the ocean. August 8, 2010.

[?] Admiring the view from the deck of a vacation house on Anna Maria Island. August 6, 2010.

[?]newpiecefancy2.jpg: I'm wearing a new garment I bought at the Renaissance Faire. February 21, 2010.

[?]iskate.jpg: Here's me skating to 80s music! September 9, 2009.

[?]damsel.jpg: A damsel in distress! At the RenFaire, I was posing with a monster. January 24, 2009.

[?]thenewhat.jpg: I received a hemp hat from Fred for my birthday. January 21, 2009.

[?]toomuchsoda.jpg: I drank a lot of Diet Coke. November 2008.

[?]datsuitcase2.jpg: I packed for a bus trip to Gainesville. October 2008.

[?]tarponoutfit.jpg: My new outfit I bought on my vacation to Tarpon Springs. October 2008.

[?]lughdecorate.jpg: I was redecorating for Lughnasadh. August 2008.

[?]fatslippers2.jpg: I like my big puffy sneaker-slippers. June 2008.

[?]clippystar1.jpg: Showing off my hair clips. June 2008.

[?]itsatofushirt.jpg: Me in my "tofu fighting" shirt. June 2008.

[?]asiwassaying.jpg: I look like I'm about to tell you something important. May 2008.

[?]belpie1.jpg: Making a pie for Beltane. April 2008.

[?]piano4.jpg: I was playing the keyboard in my apartment. April 2008.

[?]ballet1.jpg: Posing in a dance position. March 2008.

[?]seahorse1.jpg: On March 1, Mikey and I went to the Renaissance Faire in Tampa. This is what I wore.

[?]huladress2.jpg: It is possible to hula-hoop in a corset!

[?]redtongue1.jpg: This is what happens when you eat Kool-Aid mix by itself.

[?]messyhairday.jpg: For having messy hair, I don't look too bad here. I like the expression I'm making. Heh.

[?]foamhat.jpg: Fred visited in February 2008 and took my picture in the craft store wearing this hat.

[?]exhausted.jpg: I was exhausted after a lot of hanging out with friends. January 2008.

[?]cardabread.jpg: I made three loaves of cardamom bread! January 2008.

[?]rollpinbeware.jpg: During a silly moment, I'm standing on the counter threatening to attack you with a rolling pin. January 2008.

[?]kissingir.jpg: Kissing my GIR pillow. January 2008.

[?]spideyivy.jpg: In St. Petersburg, in front of the comic book shop Emerald City. September 2007.

[?]pumpkinshirt.jpg: A nice new Halloween tee shirt. October 2007.

[?]ivyhipp1.jpg: In Gainesville, in front of the Hippodrome Theatre. September 2007.

[?]ivykingbuffet.jpg: In St. Petersburg, eating at King Buffet. September 2007.

[?]crosswindsdress.jpg: An early choice of a bridesmaid dress for a friend who's getting married next year. I tried it on at Anthropologie and took pictures so others could see if it was a good dress. September 2007.

[?]fsshirt.jpg: I bought a new shirt for work and was excited about it. September 2007.

[?]starsweater4.jpg: I bought this sweater while on vacation. Rare shot of me wearing glasses! September 2007.

[?]2coolbooks.jpg: Me with The Chicago Manual of Style and a Stephen Hawking book, both of which I'd just bought. July 2007.

[?]hungershirt2.jpg: I'm wearing a new shirt I got at TheHungerSite.com . July 2007.

[?]ponyswee.jpg: Looking all smart-alecky with my hair in a messy ponytail.

[?]toomuchmanga.jpg: Me with all my Eyeshield 21 manga books.

[?]shorts2.jpg: There can't be a summer in Florida without at least one pair of tiny shorts.

[?]jfhouse.jpg: Here's me shortly after I moved into a new apartment in Tampa in 2006.

[?]karasing.jpg: Here's me singing my butt off in a karaoke room.

[?]penswet4.jpg: Me wearing a pretty sweater I'd just gotten as a gift from Mikey.

[?]neg1cup.jpg: Me with my Negative One cup.

[?]swankytennis1.jpg: Me on the court in my tennis skirt. August 2007.

[?]searchy.jpg: I dunno what I was digging around for, but here I am doing it.

[?]pink2.jpg: Here's when I briefly had my hair dyed pink.

[?]jupink.jpg: I was about to start playing DDR. That's my exercise outfit and hairstyle.

[?]jeanie2.jpg: One of a series of "Jeannie" pictures; here I have a pondery pose.

[?]jeanie3.jpg: Another Jeannie picture from a funny angle kneeling on the ground.

[?]jeanie4.jpg: This is a close-up of my eyelash tufts from that day.

[?]jeanie6.jpg: And here's the last Jeannie, with me sitting on the floor.

[?]parched.jpg: I'm in an Arizona desert atmosphere, so it's no wonder I'm thirsty here.

[?]jyoda4.jpg: Me with a toy Yoda and a big smile.

[?]jlawnch.jpg: I'm moonbathing outside by the pool in the summer.

[?]bedhed5.jpg: I had bedhead, so I took a picture of how weird and wispy my hair was. I was half awake when I did this.

[?]wdess.jpg: This is me in my "defy gravity" shirt with a somewhat silly smile.

[?]bearhat.jpg: This is my hat that makes it look like a bear is eating my head.

[?]blueivy1.jpg: Me wearing a new "blue ivy fairy" tee shirt.

[?]bigcup2.jpg: The cup is big. I am not.

[?]mabon052.jpg: Me on Mabon 2005, wearing a cute sweater.

[?]shitcam.jpg: A little picture of me I took with my webcam (Shitcam™) for a profile on Everything2.com . There's a doofy caption.

[?]v101.jpg: Here's me in Phoenix with some local foliage in the bright sun.

[?]wing52.jpg: This is one of the pictures Fred took of me when I was modeling my new wings for him.

[?]e2flop.jpg: Wearing my Everything2.com shirt, with puppy ear hairdo.

[?]starskrt.jpg: Here's a blurryish picture of me wearing a pretty piece of star-printed material as a skirt.

[?]swnkbike.jpg: Here's my cute bike.

[?]hulabott.jpg: Me with a huge blue bottle!

[?]case.jpg: Me in a case in Norman Hall.

[?]best.jpg: The best picture ever taken of me, credit to my sister Patricia. Unfortunately, the quality of this photo doesn't seem to have transferred to digital form. :(

[?]fleurthb.jpg: This is me with my pillow Thbthb.

[?]electra.jpg: Me in my Halloween costume.

[?]badgrab.jpg: Me with a weird figurine that just had to be sexually harassed on camera.

[?]movestar.jpg: In a hotel room in Las Vegas, looking like I think I'm a movie star.

[?]cuddle.jpg: A nice puppy I found in Toys R Us . . . I had to snuggle with it.

[?]bakstand.jpg: Me on my back in a field with my legs in the air. :)

[?]donut.jpg: Me in my pig boxers with a Gator donut.

[?]ponder.jpg: I forget what I was thinking about but this is me doing it.

[?]babeswnk.jpg: Me being a babe on a car.

[?]boxfold.jpg: Here's me when I went to Bunk's work at Papa John's. I'm folding a pizza box, now I have a new job skill!

[?]iviniv2.jpg: Miss Ivy in her element. :)

[?]it.jpg: Me as Cousin Itt.

[?]wingohki.jpg: This is me wearing my faerie wings, hugging my Ryo-Ohki.

[?]jenie.jpg: Me with my hair up like Jeannie.

[?]roof2.gif: Me on an apartment roof.

[?]fly.jpg: Me flying. :)

[?]swa.jpg: This is me at a piano . . . at my grandparents' house.

[?]swa2.jpg: Me standing on the roof again.

[?]hood.jpg: Me smiling stupidly wearing my Hood College shirt.

[?]drunkdwn.jpg: One of the only two existing pictures of me drunk.

[?]ded.jpg: Me playing dead.

[?]muchjunk.jpg: Me with all my Animaniacs junk . . . I actually have a lot more than that now.

[?]jello.jpg: Me lying on the floor, which my friend Jim calls being "fuzzy blue Jello."

[?]pillows.jpg: Me with all the pillows I made, in my messy, disgusting college room.

[?]oweyes.jpg: I took a picture of myself. I was hanging off the bed upside-down at 4 in the morning and decided everyone needed to know. I complained how much the flash hurt my eyes for nearly half an hour afterwards . . . to a sleeping house.

[?]shorty.jpg: I'm almost five feet tall! I swear it!

[?]braids.jpg: This is a picture of me with a li'l flower on my head looking slightly maniacal.

[?]pump.jpg: Me pumping gas for no apparent reason.

[?]usagi.jpg: A Sailor Moon picture, I'm apparently trying to sell the perfume. :)