Halloween 2018--Dessert PARTY at my house with a bunch of friends!

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First, some party setup:

[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]
How the food platters and drinks were set up before the party!

Now, the pieces of my Halloween costume: I was dressed as Garnet from Steven Universe.

[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]

The party guests:

[?] Victor as Charizard from Pokémon. Compare him to his cartoon self.

[?] Benjamin as Steven Universe from Steven Universe. Compare him to his cartoon self.

[?] Jeaux as Dipper from Gravity Falls. Compare him to his cartoon self.

[?] Kari as Pumpkin from Steven Universe. Compare her to her cartoon self.

[?] Joy as Edna Mode from The Incredibles. Compare her to her cartoon self.

[?] Derek as Greg Universe from Steven Universe. Compare him to his cartoon self.

[?] Meghan as the TARDIS from Doctor Who. Compare her to her TV counterpart.

[?] Haven as Tonks from Harry Potter (who is, in turn, shapeshifted as Haven). (This is Tonks in the movies, but it doesn't matter since she is a shapeshifter and Haven's costume was Tonks shapeshifted as them.)

[?] And me as Garnet from Steven Universe! Compare me to my cartoon self.

Friends playing around:

[?] Derek and Ben as father and son Greg and Steven.

[?] Me with the Universe men.

[?] If you come for Steven, you gotta go through me!

[?] We're cute together. Protect that boy!

[?] Messing around.

[?] Gems chillin' out.

[?] Hanging out with my boy.

[?] Made of love!

[?] Also made of fists. Garnet's about to beat some butts.

[?] Look at my big hair.

[?] My cool palm gemstones and rings.

[?] Steven with his shield, do it kid!

[?] Tonks is about to throw down.

[?] Yasmin apparently really liked the music.

[?] My friends!

[?] Pals playing Cards Against Humanity.

[?] Card-players more aware of my photography now.

[?] Yasmin looks really good in this Charizard mask made by Victor, don't you think?

[?] Victor's Charizard mask with a lil Charizard figure on it.

[?] The dessert table has been . . . visited.

[?] I did eventually take the costume off. I'm tired.