Halloween 2017--Dessert PARTY at my new house with a bunch of friends!

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First, some food:

[?] My molasses-ginger animal cookies.

[?] Two freshly baked pumpkin pies.

[?] The famous cream cheese pumpkin roll.

[?] My shortbread fall leaf cookies.

[?] My not so famous vegan pumpkin brownies.


[?] Aren't my pumpkin lights cute?


[?] [?] [?] I was Stevonnie from Steven Universe, reusing my costume from Comic Con. Compare me to my cartoon self.

[?] [?] Here's Joy as Mystery Girl, also from Steven Universe! Look at her boots. Compare her to her cartoon self.

[?] Ben as Percy, an obscure character from Steven Universe (are you sensing a theme?). Percy is from an in-show TV show, so it's pretty meta. Compare Ben to Percy.

[?] Victor was a necromancer with a costume he made himself. (He is not from a cartoon.)

[?] I don't think Rachael came as anyone in particular, but this is her costume.

[?] Michael isn't anyone in particular either, though he's vaguely piratey like usual.

[?] And Derek was young Greg Universe from Steven Universe. Compare him to his cartoon self.

Party fun:

[?] Chatting guests Joy, Victor, and Jodi.

[?] Chatting guests Michael, Jeaux (as Tiger Millionaire, another Steven Universe character, but I didn't get an individual pic with him), Rachael, and Derek.

[?] A Stevonnie selfie.

[?] Jeaux and Victor chatting and sitting on the floor.

[?] Another selfie.

[?] Rachael and Michael were leaving so I took their pic together.

[?] I get cold easily so I was under a blanky.

[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] The group of people who dressed as Steven Universe characters. (Jeaux's tie is gone. He's become Tiger Philanthropist.)