Halloween 2016--Dessert PARTY with a bunch of friends!

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[?] A pie I made for the party.

[?] Making autumn leaf cookies.

[?] I'm setting up my food. Here are the appetizers.

[?] And here's the setup for the desserts.

[?] My costume: I'm Mabel from Gravity Falls!

[?] My first guest: Jeaux as Dipper from Gravity Falls. Clearly alarmed about something.

[?] Jeaux as Dipper from Gravity Falls.

[?] Here's Jeaux and me as Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls! We make good mystery twins don't we? Compare us to our cartoon selves.

[?] A couple of grinning Pines twins.

[?] Mabel and Dipper. Sadly I didn't have a pig or different sweaters to change into (like Mabel does in the show).

[?] Benny as Spider-Man.

[?] Katie's wearing her neat Loki cosplay dress.

[?] A group of some nerds. Eric, Michael, and Rachael hanging out.

[?] Joy's amazing Rose Quartz costume, from Steven Universe. Compare her with her character!

[?] Meggie is wearing a Rose Quartz-inspired cosplay dress. So prettyyyyy.

[?] Trying to maintain the illusion that I have friends who tolerate me. (It's probably only for my food.)

[?] Perhaps the scariest image of the night. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ROSE QUARTZ.

[?] Double Dipper! Tyrone also came to my party. (This is from when the character Dipper cloned himself.)

[?] This isn't a costume, this is just how Michael dresses.

[?] What'cha doin' family.

[?] Friends are friending around.

[?] Some blurry friend activity. Eric is holding Nerds, which is apropos for this party.

[?] Okay Eric just show up and take my food and go do important things now.

[?] A couple of my favorite people.

[?] Obligatory food selfie. I have a vegan banana muffin, a pumpkin roll piece, and some whipped cream.

[?] Benny found a friend! Fun stuff with Belle.

[?] I do not know what was going on outside this frame.

[?] Closeup of my banana muffin and pumpkin roll.

[?] I wanted evidence that Victor actually came. He was in this weird little hidey hole most of the night.

[?] Pirate Michael and Kenshin Rachael. She said she figured picking a character with the same color hair as her would be convenient. (Compare her with her character.)

[?] Nerds about to play Cards Against Humanity.

[?] Bathroom selfie of my wig because someone wanted to see it.

[?] Playing the game. We had some pretty funny stuff, but probably nothing truly legendary.

[?] These cookies are fused together. It's a cheap tactic to make weak cookies stronger.