Halloween 2015--Dessert PARTY with a bunch of friends!

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[?] I drew this colorful sign to invite people into my cartoony lair. Festooned with images of cartoon characters I like saying partyish things.

[?] Here's my costume . . . I'm Sadie from Steven Universe! WHY DON'T YOU HAVE A DONUT? IT TOTALLY WON'T SET YOU ON FIRE. (Compare me with the cartoon character here!)

[?] Michael, the pirate and food eater.

[?] Rachael's costume.

[?] Cool to see Monika again.

[?] Dork selfie.

[?] It's my gals! I've known Katie her entire life and Meggie for TWENTY PLUS YEARS. And she still puts up with me! Yeahhhh!

[?] Joy made my party twice as Steveny by coming as Steven Universe himself, complete with ukulele and magic belly button. (Yes, she can play the songs, and did so.) (Compare her with the cartoon character here!)

[?] It's Jeaux . . . as Tiger Millionaire. He even has a giant cell phone prop that he made himself. (Compare him with the cartoon character here!)

[?] It's Steven and a Steven. Tiger Millionaire. Whatever. ALL THAT MATTERS IS HOW STEVENY MY HOUSE IS.

[?] Mommy came as a SCUBA diver.

[?] Derek showed up too; here he is talking to Rachael.

[?] Oh look, a blurry picture of my guests filling up the living room.

[?] "Hmm . . . from here, he kinda looks like Steven."

[?] He says he's a wrestler, but he really sounds like Steven. . . .

[?] Eric sat in my tiny chair somehow.

[?] Donut girl selfie. What'cha think, do I make a decent Sadie?

[?] Group photo of my couch, occupied by Michael, Rachael, and Joy.

[?] Yes, cool people sometimes come and share their coolness with me. Featuring Joy, Monika, Katelyn, and Meghan.

[?] I'm sure the conversation was probably about comics or TV shows.

[?] I'm so lucky to get to take selfies with the one and only Steven!

[?] When you have a chance to take a selfie with a pirate, YOU DO IT!

[?] The appetizer food, partly devoured.

[?] Derek, please educate us on all things.

[?] Eric graced us with his presence.