Halloween 2013--Dessert PARTY with tons of friends!

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First, here's my costume. I was a character from one of my own books because I'm a big dork: Here's me dressed as Dia from Finding Mulligan.

And now my guests' costumes:

[?] My first arrival: Victor as a Renaissance man!

[?] Michael is a different pirate every year.

[?] Derek is a steampunk pilot.

[?] Shelby, Joy, and Brent arrived all at the same time!

[?] Shelby was Chihiro from Spirited Away. She's not just wearing a boring shirt. This costume was really faithful!

[?] Joy is Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.

[?] Brent was a sexy Yoda.

[?] Here are Jeaux and Victor, and I'm not sure what they're looking at. (Jeaux wore his "Ask me about my zombie costume" shirt.)

[?] Eric was being attacked by the party's resident tiger. With a reptile stuffed animal. While Michael appears amused.

[?] I don't know what Michael and Eric were smiling about off camera, but I bet it was cool.

[?] Here you can see Jeaux, Joy, and Derek enjoying the party.

[?] Yasmin and Michael are just chilling.

Then I tried to take selfies with various party guests.

[?] Yasmin, Shelby, and Brent enjoy Fun Things. Including Conversation.

[?] When I stand on the couch I'm STILL not as tall as Derek!

[?] Yasmin made this food sculpture with the food they were taking home! Before the aluminum foil went on, of course.

[?] Obviously Yasmin is a professional food arranger.

[?] This was the appetizer table from the party. We have veggies and Ranch dip, nuts, hummus, lentil chips, wheat chips, pretzel chips, salsa and tortilla chips, cranberries, apples, and caramel dip!

[?] And here is the dessert table. Hot apple cider (spiced by me), homemade pumpkin pie, homemade molasses/ginger animal cookies, homemade fall leaf cookies, homemade cream cheese pumpkin roll, homemade pumpkin muffins, homemade banana muffins, and homemade pumpkin brownies. The key word is, of course, "homemade."

A group of the guests (Yasmin, Michael, Victor, and Derek) stayed until after 3 AM. It was excellent. :)