Halloween 2011--Dinner and dessert PARTY! I had a total of twenty-one people attending my party, and it was crowded!

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[?]ivyhalloween2011.jpg: First, here is my costume. I'm kind of a random Renaissance chick.

[?]katelynhalloween2011.jpg: Katelyn was one of my first guests. She's Meg's teenage daughter and she's wearing a Tank Girl shirt and a tutu.

[?]partysign.jpg: Victor made this sign for my party so people would know which door to knock on and remember to check their parking. :)

[?]vcostume1.jpg: Victor's costume. He's a badass monster hunter. He made a lot of the pieces of this costume.

[?]appetizerfood.jpg: This is what I put out for appetizers. It's the usual, except V made us some tuna dip.

[?]derekvictoroutfits.jpg: I had to get Derek and Victor together because their costumes were both sort of bad-guy-fight-ish. I could totally see them on some kind of special ops team together.

[?]derekoutfit.jpg: Here's Derek's Ghostbusters outfit all by himself.

[?]brentpaperbag.jpg: Brent spares no expense for an elaborate costume.

[?]michaelshade.jpg: The cane's a little short, but Michael looks like a good Shade to me.

[?]mariandavionepercent.jpg: A political joke? In my living room? Avi and his partner Mari are chillin', and Avi is dressed as a member of the One Percent.

[?]partycrowd1.jpg: The crowd in my living room.

[?]partycrowd2.jpg: Here is another view of it.

[?]dinnerfood.jpg: I fed people my blonde food again. Macaroni, potatoes, corn, tater tots, couscous. My mom contributed ham and rolls, and Avi brought a root bake. You can see the hot cider back there too.

[?]dedbrent.jpg: I think Brent ate too much.

[?]horseyjoy1.jpg: Joy came as Bad Horse.

[?]horseyjoy2.jpg: Bad Horse smokes cigars.

[?]anitasmiles.jpg: Anita is always just herself. And always has adorable hair.

[?]mariandavi.jpg: Mari and Avi are posing for their last shot before taking off.

[?]brentjoyscott.jpg: Brent, Joy, and Scott Occupy the couch.

[?]mandybrentjoy.jpg: Mandy has arrived with her fuchsia hair.

[?]brentadriennemandy1.jpg: I think Brent is trying to suck Adrienne's brain out with his hand.

[?]adriennemandy1.jpg: Adrienne and Mandy are being cute.

[?]brentadriennemandy2.jpg: The paper bag brings out murderous instincts in Brent.

[?]mandyivyphotobomb1.jpg: I was posing with Mandy, but Victor decided to test out his photobombing skills behind us and found himself to be a natural.

[?]mandyivyphotobomb2.jpg: Victor manages to photobomb us twice and make it hilarious both times.

[?]brentdrinks.jpg: Brent has the great skill of drinking through his mask.

[?]mandyjoyhorsey.jpg: Mandy had to get a shot with Bad Horse Joy.

[?]brentandmandy1.jpg: Mandy and Brent being cute. No photobomb this time.

[?]brentandmandy2.jpg: Closer-up shot.

[?]brentandmandy3.jpg: . . . I do not know what they are doing.

[?]dangerousarmwear.jpg: Brent stole Victor's gauntlets and began trying to murder people.

[?]cardnerds1.jpg: My lingering geeks played a card game that looked really complicated.

[?]cardnerds2.jpg: Here's a view of what they were playing.