Halloween 2008--Trick-or-treating and PARTY! A ton of people came because it was a Friday this year!

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[?]halloweenspiders.jpg: I put up a cool spider decoration for the holiday--regular everyday Samhain decorations don't normally include this, but I put them up for the party.

[?]samhain08altar.jpg: And here's how my altar looked decorated for Samhain.

[?]avigypsy.jpg: My first guests to arrive were Avi and his cousin Claire. They came in and sat down to chill while we waited for people.

[?]clairewhee.jpg: Claire wasn't really in costume, but her hair was nifty so I took her photograph. :)

[?]appetizers1.jpg: Everyone started sitting around eating my appetizers. I had peanuts, apples with caramel dip, tortilla chips with salsa, mushrooms and carrots with ranch dip, and molasses-ginger cookies. Pictured here are Anita (with purple hair), Kit (with the black hat), Jeaux (with the hammer on his shirt), and Claire.

[?]appetizers2.jpg: Here are my appetizer-eaters from another angle, and now you can see Avi in his gypsy outfit and Mikey in the Misfits shirt.

[?]dinnerfood1.jpg: I put out the dinner food and people started eating it. Now you can see Jef and his weird tree costume.

[?]takinganitaspicture.jpg: Anita and I tried to take each other's picture at the same time.

[?]mikeandfairymom.jpg: And Mike and his fairy mom arrived! I was so happy they made it.

[?]gotingroup.jpg: The last to arrive were Meggie, Brendon, Katelyn, and Benjamin. I ran into a shot here, not wearing my costume yet--but you can see Meg's Little Red Riding Hood and Katelyn is a witch.

[?]brencostume.jpg: Brendon's wearing his costume, but I didn't get all of it--he has a staff or something that goes with it.

[?]rebellingmonkey1.jpg: At the last minute they dressed Ben up as a monkey, but he wasn't a big fan of the hat.

[?]rebellingmonkey2.jpg: See? He wants it off.

[?]rebellingmonkey3.jpg: Yeah, he got his way.

[?]wearingbenshat.jpg: "If you're not going to wear it, can I?"

[?]juliestinks.jpg: A nice message with the alphabet magnets that Mikey disavows any knowledge of.

[?]babyontable.jpg: Here's Ben in his monkey costume sitting on my table.

[?]mymacaroni.jpg: In the craziness surrounding making sure everyone got food, I realized I'd forgotten to eat myself. I shoveled some macaroni in my face.

[?]threefairies1.jpg: Mikey thought it'd be a good idea to photograph the three girls who came as fairies. I'm glad he thought of that 'cause otherwise I think there'd have been no photos of my costume.

[?]threefairies2.jpg: So here's a second one.

[?]trickortreaters.jpg: Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! Here's my group unloading from the cars!

[?]thetreeman.jpg: Jef kept acquiring pieces of people's costumes and putting them on himself while we were on the road.

[?]candytraders1.jpg: Oh my gosh, look at all the people trading candy in my living room!

[?]preparingdessert.jpg: Here I was making sure everything was laid out nice for dessert, and I added some Chocolate de Mexicanos to the table--a hot chocolate drink.

[?]dessert1.jpg: Some people have begun to munch the dessert: Pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll, vegan coffeecake, and muffins.

[?]jeauxpumpkinroll.jpg: Jeaux helps himself to some of my fabulous cream cheese pumpkin roll. Heh, you can see in the back I've got a menu on the wall because I am o.c.

[?]sittingaround.jpg: Oh look, a rare shot of me sitting down. (That was the bad thing about the night. I was running around feeding people and didn't really get to sit around to enjoy the chatter.)

Some other people might've gotten pictures they'll let me put here later, but these are all the ones taken with my camera. :)