Halloween 2006--Party at my house with Mikey, Michael, and Jeaux!

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[?]06outfit.jpg: Here's what I wore. Nobody else dressed up, but I like to wear something silly on Halloween.

[?]batfacet.jpg: Here you can see the little bat I stuck on my face.

[?]lilfernzt.jpg: Jeaux was one of my party guests. . . .

[?]mcarryt.jpg: And so was Mikey. . . .

[?]sqeat.jpg: And we were also joined by Michael, who is enjoying snacks here. Unfortunately the other guests--my mom, my sister, Steve, and his girlfriend Jessica--did not come. Mom was sick and sister was looking after her, and Steve's grandma broke a bone or something. That meant I had WAY too much food.

[?]bounty.jpg: Here are the appetizers I served.

[?]wbread.jpg: And look at how HUGE this Bread of the Dead is!

[?]weengest.jpg: Here are my party guests enjoying a scary movie for Halloween. Mikey, why don't you tell us how you really feel?

[?]weenowel.jpg: I was sad the other guests couldn't make it, but I still had a good time. I'm really not sure where I would have put four more bodies honestly.

[?]darkwin.jpg: The decorations I put up were really cool. Here's what it looked like from outside when the lights were off. . . .

[?]outwin.jpg: Here's with the lights on. . . .

[?]inwint.jpg: And here's the inside.

[?]mpuffs1.jpg: Mikey stole my head thing and made a scary face!

[?]mpuffs.jpg: Okay, now he's not scary anymore.

[?]piggedjo.jpg: And here's Jeaux lying on the floor all pigged out in front of the horror movie we were watching.

[?]eaten1.jpg: I made too much food because I expected twice the guests. Here's all that got eaten of the pumpkin roll. . . .

[?]eaten2.jpg: And here's what got eaten of the pumpkin pie. . . .

[?]eaten3.jpg: The candy was untouched. . . .

[?]eaten4.jpg: And only a tiny dent was made in the Bread of the Dead.

[?]droopeye.jpg: Boy, I was exhausted by the end of that night.