Halloween 2005 with Jeaux, Mikey, and Brendon!

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[?]pinkdres.jpg: This is what I wore to work on Halloween day. It's not my main costume for the night, but I wanted to save that. So this is what I wore at work and while preparing for the party.

[?]wizhat2.jpg: Oh yeah, and it had this hat with it. You can't tell in the photo that this thing actually blinks and lights up! It was a gift from Sarah. I wore this stuff until I changed into my costume, which wasn't until everyone started showing up. . . .

[?]h05grup2.jpg: Well, here's the four of us in our costumes for trick-or-treating. Unfortunately Mikey's hood was over his face.

[?]jugala2.jpg: This is my costume. I am Galadriel from Lord of the Rings. This was kind of a "duh" for me--I'm surprised I never dressed as a Tolkien elf before considering this costume is the obvious choice for an elfy girl with long blonde hair.

[?]jugala1.jpg: Here is a close-up of me in my Galadriel costume.

[?]jugala3.jpg: See, I even had the fancy brooch she wears. Mikey got it for me for the occasion.

[?]jugala4.jpg: Check out my sleeves. I sewed those on myself.

[?]mikara1.jpg: As for Mikey, he was Aragorn, also from Lord of the Rings and also kind of a "duh" costume since he so looks the part.

[?]jobcssp1.jpg: Here is Jeaux's costume. He is dressed as a ball-playing cowboy superhero soldier pirate. That is a joke from A Series of Unfortunate Events.

[?]jobcssp2.jpg: It's probably a bad idea to scratch your nuts with a pirate hook, Jeaux.

[?]brensg1.jpg: And here's Brendon's costume. Doesn't he make a great Spaceghost?

[?]brensg2.jpg: Here he is again in a slightly more pondery pose.

[?]h05boys.jpg: There's the guys: Mikey, Jeaux, and Brendon.

[?]aragal3.jpg: Me and Mikey in character, with Aragorn kissing Galadriel's hand.

[?]juhorde2.jpg: After the trick-or-treating was over, we of course had lots of candy to eat and trade. Here I am with my pile.

[?]juhorde3.jpg: I'm swimming in candy!

[?]mhorde.jpg: Mikey's got his share of goodies too.

[?]joehorde.jpg: Here is Jeaux's pile of candy. He is being a miser.

[?]brenhord.jpg: This is the small amount of candy Brendon kept. He's been trying to cut down.

[?]mybitch.jpg: I hear they were fighting over which one of them gets to make Jeaux their bitch.

[?]joedeath.jpg: Whoa, did Jeaux try to take someone's Snickers™?