For Halloween 1998, my friend Chris from Alabama came to visit and trick-or-treated with me and some of my friends.

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We went to a Halloween party at the Grog House (where Phil worked at the time) the night before Halloween. Here are pics from that.

[?]pixy1.jpg: I was getting ready to go out here, in my pixy costume. :)

[?]horn.jpg: Here's Chris getting ready . . . sort of . . . well he's got the horn from his costume's hat in his pants.

[?]pixy2.jpg: Here I am again before we went out.

[?]pyrodnky.jpg: Chris is all ready to leave. :)

[?]atdagrog.jpg: This is me and Chris at the Grog House enjoying our drinks.

[?]sakephil.jpg: Phil started to get a little wild in his Drunken Master outfit.

[?]crazed.jpg: Before, Phil was a little wild. Here he is positively crazed.

[?]dancin.jpg: Here's me gettin' a li'l wild as well.

[?]philfite.jpg: This is Phil demonstrating his fighting prowess.

[?]pixypool.jpg: Here I am playing pool.

[?]pixygrin.jpg: I look pretty content here.

The next day my friends and I went trick-or-treating. Here's the pictures of actual Halloween night.

[?]getready.jpg: I was getting ready to go out again, putting my hair together.

[?]hobbit.jpg: Here is Mike, I think he was supposed to be a hobbit but every time I said he was a hobbit he said "I CAN'T be a hobbit, I have facial hair and I'm too tall."

[?]couple.jpg: This is Mike and Moon dressed as . . . well, I'm not sure. Ask them.

[?]syco.jpg: This is some psycho freak we picked up off the street. He kept eating small children as we trick-or-treated, it kinda sucked.

[?]switch.jpg: Here is some fun we had after we'd collected all the candy we wanted.

[?]candy1.jpg: Here is some of that aforementioned candy.