In honor of my grandpa turning 90, my dad planned a celebration which involved some family members staying in a cool beach house on Anna Maria Island! I took a few photos of the festivities.

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[?]: Lindsay drove me down to the vacation house. Her dog wanted to help drive.

[?]: The doggie rode on her lap all the way there.

[?]: Isn't she adorable when she yawns?

[?]: When we got to the house our dad wasn't there to let us in yet, so we had to wait out back. No problem, though. The ocean was there. This is Lindsay and her boyfriend Mike coming back toward the porch.

[?]: I took this "guess where I am?" photo of myself with my phone, just so I could brag to Facebook that I was on vacation.

[?]: The tiny queen was most displeased that she was kept waiting.

[?]: After we got into the house, we had to rush right back out to meet everyone for the birthday dinner for my grandpa. Here's Dad and Connie trying to decide what to eat.

[?]: And here's the man of the hour--ninety-year-old grandpa--with grandma and my dad.

[?]: There's Lindsay and Mike behind a bunch of drinks.

[?]: Don't you hate when they try to make you make a speech while you're eating?

[?]: Here's Grandma and Connie at the table.

[?]: There's my grandpa and my Aunt Elisa.

[?]: There's Lindsay smooching Mike at the table.

[?]: And here's me, Patricia, and Yusuke at dinner.

[?]: I think they're likin' the appetizers.

[?]: Maybe not interesting to some, but this is what Patricia ordered. I thought her salad was very interesting-looking.

[?]: After the meal they brought my grandpa a dessert! It was a surprise.

[?]: Nearly everyone had to box up their leftovers.

[?]: This is the cake my dad and Connie had at the beach house for my grandpa.

[?]: One of the presents my grandpa got was a laminated letter that he'd written to my dad in 1971; my dad was giving it back to him and thanking him for the advice.

[?]: We also made him a very sweet book of collected memories from all of us. Someone put toilet paper there in case he needed to cry. Haha!

[?]: I captured this shot of the breakfast of the next morning.

[?]: I'm not much for nature photography, but this walking birdy was cool.

And we played a sandbag game on the beach, so I took some action shots. Here are my aunt Elisa and my dad playing it.

[?] [?] [?] [?] [?]

I hardly took any pictures once the main event was over--and some of those above were taken by my dad or Connie--but my sister Patricia also has this Flickr album of the event, with photos taken by her or Yusuke. Hopefully she won't mind me showing a few of my favorites from that gallery here, too:

[?]: Here we are trying to decide what to eat.

[?]: Pork Chop didn't like being upstaged.

[?]: Luckily there were not 90 candles.

[?]: Here's me relaxing on the deck by the water.

[?]: Patricia relaxed under the clouds, with a drink and a lovely hat.

[?]: Dad's dog Max was enjoying the freedom as well.

My aunt took a ton of photos too but I don't have them. ;)