Pictures of all my friends. :)

Click on the thumbnail or the words to see a large image. If you want to know who the hell these people are, you'll find explanations in the friends page. Otherwise they're just alphabetically-arranged pictures, organized by my favorite names for these people (in some cases nicknames).

[?]dork.jpg: Aaron. Making an insane face while on the phone. Ages ago when we were in high school.

[?]anitasmiles.jpg: Anita grinning at my Halloween party. October 2011.

[?]bryanaaron2009.jpg: Aaron and Bryan. Posing for old time's sake at Steve's wedding. October 2009.

[?]ammy.jpg: Ammy. High school photo.

[?]ammyblun.jpg: Ammy. Her 21st birthday.

[?]avibeerbluesippycup.jpg: Avi. Drinking beer out of a blue sippy cup. August 29, 2009.

[?]blink.jpg: Blink. That's her in college.

[?]brendon1.jpg: Brendon. In costume as the Third God from The Good Person of Szechuan. I think 1998.

[?]jedi4.jpg: Brendon. In his Jedi outfit (this guy likes costumes). 2003.

[?]brendonholdsben.jpg: Brendon. Holding his newborn son Benjamin. September 2007.

[?]brentgetsexcited.jpg: Brent, Mandy, Tia, and Andrea. Brent is getting very excited at Mandy's musical theatre party. October 2010.

[?]faggly.jpg: Bryan and Phil. Sharing a tender moment. 2000.

[?]bunki.jpg: Bunky. Sitting in my room in college. From maybe 1997?

[?]bunkbrny.jpg: Bunky. Setting Barney on fire.

[?]caras.jpg: Cara. Posing for her senior picture. 2007.

[?]chrisply.jpg: Chris. Playing the guitar. 1998.

[?]danm.jpg: Dan M. July 2001.

[?]daniel.jpg: Daniel. Medieval fair costume. January 2002.

[?]david.jpg: David of Malta. Random black and white picture.

[?]davputer.jpg: David. At his computer after he got back to Malta from visiting me.

[?]derekvictoroutfits.jpg: Derek and Victor wearing their Halloween costumes. October 2011.

[?]d1.jpg: Dieter. February 2004.

[?]ericbeersippycup2.jpg: Eric. Drinking beer out of a sippy cup. August 29, 2009.

[?]ericthewarrior.jpg: Eric. Imitating the face on the cover of Warrior. August 21, 2009.

party4.jpg: Eric and Michael being amused by something. October 19, 2013.

[?]sonnys1.jpg: Fred. Eating at Sonny's. Summer 2001.

[?]fredohki.jpg: Fred. With Ryo-Ohki. Summer 2002.

[?]fredpalm.jpg: Fred in Phoenix. 2004.

[?]badmike.jpg: G. Michael P. Post-concert. Sometime in high school.

[?]heathersfan.jpg: Heather. Showing off her fan at my sister's wedding. August 1, 2009.

[?]heather.jpg: Heather. Sitting in a peaceful pose. Christmas, 2000.

[?]ianpond.jpg: Ian. Pondering something undoubtedly quite deep. 2003.

[?]shadow1.jpg: James. Posed in the shadow.

[?]joepond.jpg: Jeaux. Doing his pondery pose. 2003.

[?]poutyjo.jpg: Jeaux. Making his pouty face. 2003.

[?]spikyjo1.jpg: Jeaux. His favorite hairdo, in spikes. 2003.

[?]foodinj1.jpg: Jeaux. Eating an appetizer meatball at my mom's house. New Year's 2007.

[?]dinnerfood1.jpg: Kit, Jef, and Jeaux sit on the floor eating at my Halloween party. Off to the right is a girl called Claire whom I don't really know, but she's Avi's cousin. October 31, 2008.

[?]artman.jpg: Jeremy. Sitting on my couch. Fall 2003.

[?]paksmblz.jpg: Jessica. Preparing for a night of mischief. 2001? 2002?

[?]jesred.jpg: Jessica. Giving the camera a somber look. Don't know when; perhaps 2005?

[?]wheejess.jpg: Jessie. Giving a double V sign. 2007.

[?]jessiebedroom.jpg: Jessie. Hanging out in her bedroom. June 2010.

[?]pistfag.jpg: John. Making his "you did it!" face. Sometime during our college years.

[?]jnb.jpg: John. Holding Barney's severed head. 1997. Ish.

[?]kariohki.jpg: Kari. Lying on my bed with my Ryo-Ohki doll. 2002 sometime, I'm thinking.

[?]poppill.jpg: Kari. Holding a Popples pillow. Same time as above.

[?]apronedmandy.jpg: Mandy. Wearing an apron at her housewarming party. August 2010.

[?]bouncycupmandy2.jpg: Mandy. Drinking out of a bouncy cup at her musical theatre party. October 2010.

[?]mark.jpg: Mark. Strumming his guitar. Sometime in 1997 or so.

[?]meganbday1.jpg: Megan at her birthday party, with Eric in the background. August 2013.

[?]renfam2.jpg: Meghan, Brendon, Katelyn, and Ben. February 2008.

[?]ida.jpg: Meghan. Senior picture from high school.

[?]megshnoz.jpg: Meghan. Frosting on her nose. Her first year of college, I think.

[?]sitmom.jpg: Meghan and Katelyn. 2003.

[?]meggieben9-22-2.jpg: Meghan. Holding her newborn son Benjamin. September 2007.

[?]meggiedisney.jpg: Meghan. At one of her favorite places: Disney World. November 2014.

[?]mia.jpg: Mia. That weird arm around her is the guy she was dating.

michaelpirate.jpg: Michael, dressed as a pirate, like always. October 19, 2013.

[?]sq.jpg: Michael Thomas, previously known as Squirrel. "3 AM smirk." Not sure when.

[?]decsq.jpg: Michael-Thomas. My first Tampa apartment. December 2006.

[?]mikehair.jpg: Mike G. Bad hair picture, with coffee. 1998 or thereabouts.

[?]mikepp.jpg: Mike Lee. Halloween costume. 2003.

[?]blasphem.jpg: Mike Lee. Saying something blasphemous with his hand on religious books like a good little atheist. 2006.

[?]smisfit.jpg: Mikey. Standing with superheroes in his Misfits tee shirt. Summer 2005.

[?]huddle2.jpg: Mikey. Wearing his new THTIB shirt in Huddle House. Summer 2005.

[?]mikeyhipp2.jpg: Mikey. Standing in front of the Hippodrome Theatre. Fall 2007.

[?]mren03081.jpg: Mikey. Dressed up for the Tampa Renaissance Faire. March 2008.

[?]witchesanddevils.jpg: Mikey. By a funny sign at the Ren Faire. January 2009.

[?]titenvy.jpg: Phil. With balloons in his shirt. 1994, I think.

[?]philsuit.jpg: Phil. Wearing a suit. Sometime near the end of his college career.

[?]philfite.jpg: Phil. Dressed as a drunken master. Halloween 1998.

[?]ronni.jpg: Ronni. Wearing shorts in the sun.

[?]rcalzone.jpg: Ronni. Making a calzone. 2004.

[?]skyline.jpg: Ronni. In front of the Chicago skyline. 2007.

[?]rodrivin.jpg: Rowan. Driving the van. Spring break 1997.

[?]scott.jpg: Scott. Visiting me. September 2003.

shelbyjoybrentcostumes.jpg: Shelby, Joy, and Brent in their Halloween costumes. October 19, 2013.

[?]stevstrm.jpg: Steve. Playing a guitar. 1998.

[?]hween07stevejess2.jpg: Steve and Jessica. Halloween 2007, dressed as football players.

[?]mojonerd.jpg: Victor. Hanging out at Mojo Books & Music. September 2013.

[?]porkpet.jpg: Victor. Petting my sister's dog Pork Chop. May 2013.

[?]porkcurlsup.jpg: Victor. Cuddling with my sister's dog. May 2013.

[?]cardnerds1.jpg: Card nerds Victor, Scott, Derek, and Michael. October 2011.

[?]shocase.jpg: Victor. He's in a box! Winter break 1996.

[?]fave.jpg: Victor. Doing something weird with a pair of scissors and hair ornaments. Winter break 1996.

[?]hdsmboy.jpg: Victor. Leaning against a picture of a tree. Winter break 1996.

yasminfoodsculpture.jpg: Yasmin with the food sculpture they made out of the food they were taking home after my Halloween party. October 20, 2013.