Fred visited me during a rather chaotic time; I was getting ready to move. We still hung out and also went to see Meg in Tampa.

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[?]chowin.jpg: Fred got to have his yummy Sonny's fare.

[?]sodabuck.jpg: They practically serve their soft drinks in BUCKETS.

[?]fredmel.jpg: Fred at Meggie's with a watermelon!

[?]sleepaju.jpg: Waking up at Meggie's.

[?]dennmp3.jpg: Here's me in Denny's on the way back, showing off my mp3 player and its cool speakers.

[?]loophair.jpg: Before I go to bed I sometimes do up my hair like this so it doesn't tangle or get pulled.

[?]julincat.jpg: We found this cat in the parking lot of my apartment complex.

[?]drinky.jpg: Right before he left, Fred had a very small amount of drink out of a margarine container, and he was huggling my Ken-Ohki. I thought it was cute. ;)

For some reason we didn't take many pictures on this visit. Maybe we were just not in the mood. Weh.