My mini-vacation with Fred in Spring 2005!

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[?]wing52.jpg: When Fred arrived on his first day with me, we just messed around catching up and talking. This is one of the pictures he took of me when I was modeling my new wings for him.

[?]vio1.jpg: I also gave him an impromptu concert.

[?]fredseat.jpg: Next, we went on a bike ride and out to eat at Bennigan's. First we had to get a seat for my bike, though. This is Fred with the new seat.

[?]swnkbike.jpg: Here's my cute bike.

[?]cuksushi.jpg: For dinner, we went to Sawamura, the Japanese restaurant. I wasn't that hungry so I just got sushi. That's my favorite, the cucumber kind. (Fred ordered THE SUMO.)

[?]fsawa.jpg: Fred was posing outside the restaurant.

[?]2sawa.jpg: Then while he was posing some people asked if we wanted our photo together, so we said yes!

[?]nicecape.jpg: This is me on the morning of our ride to Tampa. It was a li'l chilly so I dressed for the occasion in my nice cloak. Everyone keeps calling it a cape though.

[?]funssign.jpg: We stopped at a hole in the wall for a bathroom break and saw this funny sign offering shoplifters a free night of room and board in the county jail.

[?]3picanic.jpg: When we arrived in Tampa, the first stop was my mom's. We met up with my sister L and we all had a picnic together. This is us at the grounds.

[?]frdpork.jpg: L brought her dog, Pork Chop. Fred likes the ratty little doggie.

[?]lsdog.jpg: L and her dog. Ahh, what an introspective pair: L stares off into the distance, and Pork thinks, "What the hell is that smell?"

[?]cutepair.jpg: They're so cute together. Why do I have flashes of Paris Hilton?

[?]picfeast.jpg: We had steak, potatoes, and corn on the cob. Guess which I didn't eat? Mommy's making the international "It's lunchtime!" sign with her silverware.

[?]lilthang.jpg: Pork's enjoying the open air.

[?]endpark.jpg: Too soon, it was time to depart. We got another picture together at the park and then it was off to Meg's party!

[?]wepartay.jpg: Me, Meg, and Brendon were some of the first guests, plus Phreddie's taking the pic.

[?]awdakids.jpg: Not too much later we went to pick up the Kate Monster. Boy, she's only six and she's about as big as me.

[?]seerobot.jpg: We were watching Robot Chicken. Hilarious.

[?]katedog.jpg: Katie's playing doggie?

[?]pigride1.jpg: Brendon prepares to be ridden!

[?]pigride2.jpg: Wow, I'm impressed; what a great piggy-back ride! Good job, B!

[?]wigglies.jpg: Mommy and little girlie like to wriggle around the floor together.

[?]mounlean.jpg: After a while we started our usual group singing. We're kind of alarming to outsiders when we break into song in full harmony, but as you can see we're very close. :) It's a mountain of US.

[?]monklean.jpg: Wow! It's the next morning and the monkey is CLEAN! Here she is, freshly bathed and hangin' with Brendon.

[?]blueflur.jpg: After Katie got picked up, Meg took us on a tour of the outside of her lovely new apartment grounds. Here's pretty blue flowers!

[?]frbylake.jpg: There's a beautiful lake! Here's Fred by it.

[?]umhidux2.jpg: Ducks wandered up to us. Um, hi!

[?]lovelake.jpg: I love the pretty lake.

[?]swankex2.jpg: Time to leave again! Luckily we have our newspaper that proves we have A SWANKY EXODUS. (It's an article describing Passover in style at resorts rather than at home.)

[?]papwait.jpg: Now we're at my grandparents' house. I have loved this paperweight of theirs since I was little.

[?]prepcake.jpg: I brought a chiffon cake made with matzo meal (safe for Passover) and we decorated it with candles for my grandpa's birthday, which had only been the day before!

[?]84blow.jpg: Grandpa blows out candles on his 84th birthday cake!

[?]dadndatr.jpg: I love this picture of me and my daddy at my grandparents' house.

[?]frdchess.jpg: The next day we took a walk to my grandparents' clubhouse, and found this cool giant chess set.

[?]kqbuds.jpg: I was buddies with the royalty.

[?]fredaim.jpg: We also played pool. Fred's become very good!

[?]shepprep.jpg: And then once we were back home again, we did homey things. This is when I made Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie for us!

And that's about it!