My overlapping houseguest experience with Fred and my sister Patricia!

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Here we are on Tuesday, October 1, old pals who have known each other from afar for over a dozen years!

We visited Sonny's on Wednesday, eating with Jeaux and having a good time.

On Thursday we had tofu that I made at home, and it was tasty:

Then on Friday we got Chinese takeout and played board games with Victor!

Then on Saturday we went to Brunchies for our first meal of the day:

And THEN we went to MOSI--the Museum of Science and Industry:

(The red bead thing was an exhibit at MOSI--they had a tube with a million beads in it, and told us to find the ONE red bead to see what "one in a million" looks like. That was it! We found it! Oh and Fred is playing with blocks in that picture because he's trying to build a house that will withstand a mock hurricane.)

Then on Sunday we went to the Thai Temple for brunch--with my sister Patricia who had just gotten into town! We met P's friends Kim and Dan there (with their daughter).

Fred left on Sunday afternoon, but Patricia stayed and overlapped his visit for more fun. Here's the rest:

Dinner with our dad on Wednesday:

Baby clothes my sister bought while out with my mom, 'cause she's only a couple months away from being a mom herself!