My mini-vacation with Fred in July 2008!

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[?]lone1.jpg: Fred and I were setting our cameras to take a picture of both of us. Unfortunately Fred was still setting up his camera when mine went off, so I got to be in the picture alone.

[?]lone2.jpg: Same as above.

[?]bothin1.jpg: Now Fred's made it into the shot!

[?]bothin2.jpg: I usually set my camera to take two photos. :)

[?]bothin3.jpg: And Fred's camera took one more.

[?]stpastabandit.jpg: Fred and I made a date to eat at Sweet Tomatoes with Mikey, which we did here. Mikey and I are being silly.

[?]yuckybatter.jpg: I like to lick the bowl when I bake some kind of muffin, but . . . for some reason, this batter wasn't very tasty. The punch line? I ate it anyway.

[?]fredswaffle.jpg: We went to Sarasota to visit my grandparents, and they gave us some breakfast. This is Fred's decorated waffle.

[?]mintyfruit.jpg: One of our contributions was this mint-enhanced fruit salad.

[?]fredwaves.jpg: Then we went to the beach. You can just barely see Fred at the bottom of this shot, waving, as I tried to take his picture from the shore.

[?]sunburners.jpg: Here we are relaxing in the nice weather. We ended up with sunburn even though we had on sunblock.

[?]beachin.jpg: Another beach visitor offered to take our picture together.

[?]sundressgirl.jpg: There's me with my cover-up on.

[?]kingbuffetfred.jpg: After the beach, we ate at King Buffet. This place is pretty awesome!

[?]cheezymake.jpg: Here's me making vegan macaroni and cheese. The "cheese" is made with nutritional yeast.

[?]cheezyeat.jpg: Here is the dish's glamour shot.

[?]cheezy1.jpg: We're gonna devour it.

[?]cheezy2.jpg: Delicious food is important to document.

[?]pineapplefools.jpg: We ate dinner at a restaurant with my mom and sister, and my mom gave us each a pineapple from her pineapple plant!

And that's about it!