My pictures from Fred's visit in February 2004!

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[?]fjacket.jpg: When Fred first got there he took my picture when I was chilly, in a jacket.

[?]fshirt.jpg: Me in a fairy shirt when I was apparently less chilly. This is the last picture of me before I got my hair cut, man.

[?]haircut.jpg: Just came out from getting a "trim." Well, haircut. Dammit. Hair's still wet.

[?]waffo1.jpg: We came back from the haircutting place and I made us waffles!

[?]waffo2.jpg: Fred liked the waffles. Oh yes.

[?]pole.jpg: We went to the art museum and Fred stood next to this really big totem pole. Then the guard told us not to take flash pictures. Oops.

[?]fredcop.jpg: Fred put on a cop hat when we went to the costume shop.

[?]clovey.jpg: I'm looking for four-leaf clovers here, outside the Goodwill.

[?]chocky.jpg: Lovely baked goods we made together!

[?]labely.jpg: I was labeling some plastic boxes of storage stuff. I don't know why Fred found it interesting enough to photograph.

[?]soba1.jpg: I made soba noodles, 'cause I liked the dish when I had it in Japan and I wanted to eat it with someone else who would appreciate it. Yum, here I'm dipping.

[?]soba2.jpg: I think Fred likes it too.

[?]dolphy.jpg: I was holding a cute stuffed dolphin, and had a cute hairdo. :)

[?]tiawing.jpg: I've got my tiara and my wings on. Whee!

[?]mcal1.jpg: This is our last meal of the visit, we hooked up when I was at work and had lunch together at McAllister's.

[?]mcal2.jpg: Me outside McAllister's right before he left to catch a flight!