Fred visited me at my new apartment in Tampa for the first time in December, 2007. We spent most of a week together visiting with family, friends, and each other.

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Friday, December 7:

Fred arrived in the afternoon and we celebrated at one of his favorite restaurants: Sonny's. We chatted and watched one of my favorite animes, Eyeshield 21. We didn't seem to have any inclination to take pictures on our first day together.

Saturday, December 8:

Our first rendezvous was a Golden Corral date with Mikey.

[?]deedlybobs2.jpg: I had my hair done all cute so my hair looked like antennae or something. This is before we took off to the restaurant.

[?]corrall1.jpg: It's me outside the restaurant, with a plant.

[?]corrall2.jpg: Now Fred outside the restaurant, with a different plant.

We don't have any pictures of the actual meal, but it was quite good. From there we took off to go check out St. Pete and their pier, hoping to get a spot on a dolphin sighting boat.

[?]beachscene1.jpg: While wandering the pier, Fred found some nice scenery.

[?]beachscene4.jpg: What a nice boat.

[?]fredxmastree.jpg: While killing time waiting for our boat's leaving time, we shopped in the pier gift shops and stuff. This is Fred by the GIANT Christmas tree they had in the middle of this place. It's blurry though.

[?]sleeponboat.jpg: We finally got on our dolphin cruise boat, but I was sleepy and actually snoozed a bit.

We saw lots of stuff while on the boat, but since this was the highlight, let's start with the DOLPHINS!

[?] [?] [?]
dolphin1.jpg dolphin2.jpg dolphin6.jpg

Other cool wildlife:

[?] [?]
bird5.jpg bird7.jpg

There were some very, very cool houses and scenes we saw while riding the boat. He took tons, but here are my favorites.

[?] [?] [?]
beachscene10.jpg beachscene13.jpg beachscene15.jpg
[?] [?] [?]
beachscene17.jpg beachscene20.jpg beachscene21.jpg
[?] [?] [?]
beachscene22.jpg beachscene23.jpg beachscene33.jpg

[?]captfred2.jpg: And of course it was awesome when they let Fred drive the boat. (The skipper's name was Fred too!)

[?]fredhaslams.jpg: Couldn't leave the St. Pete area without visiting the awesome bookstore Haslam's!

We also saw Mystic Goddess and ate at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. We shopped for groceries, took our showers, watched more Eyeshield, and went to bed.

Sunday, December 9:

We drove to Sarasota to see my grandparents and we met my dad and Connie there.

[?]megrandflower1.jpg: Me outside my grandparents' house, by a flowery bush.

[?]megrandflower2.jpg: A close-up of the same.

[?]sunbunch2.jpg: I tried to get a good picture of the group, but it didn't really turn out. A better one probably exists, but if someone else there took a better picture, I don't have it yet.

[?]wintersunset1.jpg: Fred and I decided to search out a beach, and though we didn't quite find one in time to watch the sun go down, we did manage to observe this aftermath of a sunset.

[?]wintersunset3.jpg: There's me basking in the sunset.

That night Fred and I ordered pizza because we were too tired to go out or make anything. We ate the pizza and chatted, then watched a little more Eyeshield and crashed.

Monday, December 10:

I had to work, and Fred spent the day on his own. He made a key lime pie while I was gone, and when I got back, it was tennis time. Mikey and I played one set while Fred took some video and captured some tennis on camera.

Here are my favorite action shots of Mikey and me playing tennis.

[?] [?] [?] [?]
tennis2.jpg tennis3.jpg tennis4.jpg tennis5.jpg
[?] [?] [?] [?]
tennis6.jpg tennis7.jpg tennis13.jpg tennis15.jpg
[?] [?] [?] [?]
tennis17.jpg tennis19.jpg tennis20.jpg tennis21.jpg

Then we went to dinner at my mom's.

Here are some great pictures in her lovely backyard!

[?] [?] [?] [?]
momgarden1.jpg momgarden3.jpg momgarden5.jpg momgarden6.jpg

[?]fireplace1.jpg: My mom has this gorgeous fireplace and we lit a fire in it. Here's Fred and me sitting by it.

[?]fredchocmallow1.jpg: My mom went all out and got us CHOCOLATE marshmallows to roast. Fred is doing so here.

[?]mychocmallow1.jpg: I don't generally do the marshmallow thing, but I took this opportunity to toast one too.

[?]thefredlaugh.jpg: You'd have to hear it to believe it, but Fred's laugh is unlike any other.

[?]lmemories4.jpg: My dad sent my sister some old stuff from when she was a kid. This is us looking through the bag and reminiscing.

We ate rolled roast, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, corn, and key lime pie (well, I didn't eat the meat), and that was the end of our night.

Tuesday, December 11:

I had to work again, but after work Fred picked me up and we hung out at my place. I helped him with his Web page, we checked out Fresh Market and bought some crap, and then we took off to go to Palm Harbor and see some friends.

[?]mongolians1.jpg: Next to Fred is Billy. On the other side are Anita and Jef. We are eating Mongolian food!

[?]mongolians2.jpg: I was trying to photograph the back side of the table to get a shot of Kit, too.

[?]mongolians4.jpg: And then our server took our picture so we could all be in it. The food was awesome here.

[?]rockband.jpg: And then we played Rock Band at Jef, Anita, and Kit's place. Here's them doing a song together.

[?]fredbass.jpg: We weren't allowed to just listen for long. We had to participate. Here's Fred playing the bass!

[?]fredrock.jpg: Fred was rockin' out while I was listening.

[?]mesing.jpg: I didn't get to get away with listening for long though. They talked me into doing vocals next. ;)

[?]meguitar.jpg: I tried drums, but there's no pictures of that. Next I got to play guitar. I'm not very good at it.

Wednesday, December 12:

Well, that was the end of the vacation--Fred and I had a meal at Piccadilly and then he had to go to the airport and I had to go back to work. Until next time!