Fred visited me at my apartment in Tampa for the first time in December, 2006. We hung out with my family and saw our friend Jessica.

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[?]jfhouse.jpg: A picture of moi in my apartment. Yay.

[?]infrlson.jpg: When Fred comes to our area of the country, he loves to go to his favorite restaurant, Sonny's, because they don't have them where he lives.

[?]mleseat.jpg: We had dinner with my mom, also. Here she is expressing enthusiasm.

[?]feedfred.jpg: My mommy just loves to take care of people. Hehehe!

[?]jlwpork.jpg: Me and my sister, with her doggie.

[?]dgirlsf.jpg: And here's my mommy and sister Lindsay, with me in the picture as well.

[?]dogchair.jpg: Don't forget el doggo, Pork Chop! What a cutie. She owns this chair.

[?]vmtsmilz.jpg: Here's me and Michael-Thomas, the guy I used to call Squirrel. (I have to stop doing that because, well, I'm the only one who uses the nickname anymore. Heh!) Michael-Thomas came for a visit and hung out with me and Fred.

[?]itsencyc.jpg: That's me on the floor holding my THTIB encyclopedia that I made.

[?]curtree.jpg: Fred by the tree outside my apartment.

[?]laffcat.jpg: I look like a giant dork when I laugh, but this is me doing so. There is a cat being cat-like in the background. This was at Jessica's house.

[?]dogcage.jpg: That's Jessica and Seth's doggie. She has to live with a ton of cats. And yet seems completely happy. Yay!

[?]yotreez.jpg: We took a little walk and Fred took my picture by these trees.

[?]fredpock.jpg: And this is Fred standing by the water.

[?]layincat.jpg: Aww. She's so cute. ;)

[?]drinkats.jpg: Ooh, I'm hanging out with cats at the table! Woo!

[?]havecat.jpg: I has a cat. Yes, you has a cat, Fred.

[?]litfount.jpg: We went to dinner at a cool pizza restaurant, and while we were waiting for a seat we saw this awesome fountain that reminds me of the Bellagio in Vegas.

[?]sprotect.jpg: Seth gets very serious if you ask him to watch your purse.

[?]sethbldg.jpg: Seth is sitting on the steps of some building we saw in Cocoa when we were looking at a street fair and shopping and stuff. He is holding a bag that contains toys.

[?]sethtalk.jpg: Seth can also talk to squirrels.

[?]fjeshous.jpg: This is Fred in front of Jes's house.

[?]scapedog.jpg: Fred wanted a picture with the doggie, but she kept escaping. . . .

[?]opnmouth.jpg: Wow, and this puppy can do tricks!

[?]clsmouth.jpg: Good dog!

[?]catchbl2.jpg: Seth likes throwing it over and over.

[?]mikard.jpg: It was Winter Solstice time, so Fred was opening his gift from Mikey. First there was the card.

[?]opnporn.jpg: One of his presents was a joke gift--a rather pervy couple of DVDs that had been left in a car that had been turned in at Mikey's place of employment.

[?]yulecook.jpg: And of course Mikey had to get him food. Cookies are great.

[?]atmikeys.jpg: Mikey's making a silly face here. We are hangin' out having a good time.

[?]wdadd.jpg: Fred took a picture of me and my daddy outside my apartment.

[?]opngift1.jpg: I got a nice present from Fred!

[?]opngift3.jpg: It's a crème brûlée kit!

[?]opngift5.jpg: It even came with ramekins to put it in.

[?]lotcandy.jpg: We went shopping to get a couple incredients so we could MAKE some crème brûlée, so we went to the lovely Fresh Market and looked at the wonderful food. Here is a bunch of candy!

[?]jelibeli.jpg: I can't believe how appealing this stuff is.

[?]fwherbs.jpg: Fred enjoyed the selection of nice herbs and spices!

[?]makecrem.jpg: I made the crème brûlée, and this is me caramelizing the sugar on the top.

[?]cremes.jpg: Don't they look yum-yum?

[?]eatcrem.jpg: Fred thought so!

[?]fredcb1.jpg: Mmmmm. . . .

[?]yumcrem.jpg: I liked it too. Very rich.

And that's about the end of it, Fred went back home the next day. Waaah.