Group pictures of my friends and me!

Click on the thumbnail or the words to see a large image. These are vaguely in order by oldest to newest pictures. If you want to know who the hell these people are, you'll find explanations in the friends page.

[?]stikatak.jpg: Me looking rabid and holding a stick, with my friend Heather sitting there calmly.

[?]lunchbox.jpg: This Bryan, Aaron, and me imitating the design on my Animaniacs lunchbox.

[?]icing.jpg: A picture of Steve, Bryan, Aaron, Mia, and me with icing all over us from baking a cake for Ween.

[?]weentruk.jpg: "Us" after a Ween concert . . . Aaron, Bryan, Steve, Mia, and me.

[?]bruce.jpg: Mia, my sister Patricia, and me during the filming of Bruce the Duck, our movie.

[?]drunkup.jpg: One of the only two existing picture of me drunk, with my friend Heather.

[?]booth1.jpg: This is a picture of my ex-boyfriend Phillip and me in a photo booth.

[?]swa3.jpg: Mia and me in Denny's.

[?]ivynjeff.jpg: My friend Jeff holding my hair that he likes. :)

[?]heeyull.jpg: Blink, Rowan, and me at Six Flags, going up a "heeyull." (That's how they say "hill" in Georgia.)

[?]asj.jpg: Aaron, Steve, and me with a cake we made. Well, tried to make.

[?]ivytall.jpg: James, Chris, and me in my kitchen in college.

[?]ehhhh.jpg: James and me on the roof; he's making a strange face.

[?]accents.jpg: This is Steve, Meghan, Bryan, and me eating in a restaurant where we were rude and pretended to have funny accents.

[?]equinox.jpg: The night of the spring equinox. Phil and Bill and me. Can you guess who is drunk in this picture? (It isn't me.)

[?]menphil.jpg: My ex-boyfriend Phillip and me . . . yes, we're still very good friends. :)

[?]ivyronni.jpg: Me with Ronni, who is my wonderful girl friend from Ohio!

[?]strummin.jpg: I play the guitar only slightly better than Steve does, but with much less spirit.

[?]booghug.jpg: Me hugging Chris in his Boognish shirt.

[?]movie.jpg: Bunky and me watching a movie.

[?]davmebik.jpg: David C. and me.

[?]totem.jpg: Jessica and me imitating a totem pole.

[?]4beach.jpg: Ron, Jessica, Fred, and me! (Taken by a random dude on the beach.)

[?]match.jpg: Here's Fred and me, with our matching pillows.

[?]upyerz.jpg: Fred took this picture of Mia and me giving the British rude sign. :)

[?]kneel.jpg: Steven, the Leader of the Penguin Tribe, is swearing fealty to me, Queen Ivy and High Priestess of Budgiland.

[?]haha2.jpg: Jessica, Fred, Seth, and me, in a ha-ha circle.

[?]awa1mtt.jpg: Ammy and me dressed as the girls from Maho Tsukai TAI, at an anime convention.

[?]mendan2.jpg: Dan and I went to the medieval faire in costume.

[?]joenju.jpg: Jeaux and me, at my grandparents' house. We look related. What's up with that?

[?]homeys.jpg: Ian and me together, courtesy of Katelyn.

[?]ivyjer2.jpg: Jeremy and me, when he came to see me on his Florida vacation.

[?]msi.jpg: Scott and Melissa visited me.

[?]pambam.jpg: One of my regular customers (Pam) and me at Christmastime--I'm dressed like an elf, cute eh?

[?]philjade.jpg: Phil and me in front of the restaurant Jade Gardens.

[?]saetakeo.jpg: Jeaux and me in costume at JACON 2004.

[?]ok.jpg: Fred and me in Las Vegas.

[?]tlite.jpg: Ronni and me with a traffic light.

[?]burbros2.jpg: Mike P., wife Heather, daughter Cordelia, and me having our Burrito Brothers before Poetry Jam.

[?]hatties.jpg: Jeaux and me wearing our cute animal hats that Dan bought us from Japan.

[?]mjsit2.jpg: Me and Mikey on Meghan's couch in summer 2005.

[?]bluflur.jpg: Me and Meggie outside her apartment. 2005.

[?]special.jpg: These are children with special needs. Please adopt one today. (Actually, it's me, Jessica, and Laurent in a Barnes and Noble.)

[?]jessieiv.jpg: Me and Jessie, from when she and Kristin came to visit me after tearing it up at Busch Gardens. We've determined that you can't not do that hand signal if you've been to Japan for some reason.

[?]sjfondu2.jpg: This is me and Sarah at her house with lovely, lovely fondue.

[?]blondeez.jpg: Me, Meggie, and Katelyn outside their apartment complex. April 2007.

[?]songrup2.jpg: Here's Fred, me, Meggie, and Brendon at Sonny's having dinner. April 2007.

[?]seieat2.jpg: Mikey and me eating seitan stew that I made. May 2007.

[?]gni2.jpg: Mike and me in his room hangin' out. May 2007.

[?]uspopeyes1.jpg: Me and Mikey showing off our beefy arms (yeah right). September 2007.

[?]ivybrenben.jpg: Here's me, Brendon, and his son Benjamin. Thanksgiving 2007.

[?]mongolians4.jpg: During the Fred Visit of December 2007, we took a short road trip to meet these friends at a Mongolian grill place. Here's Fred, Billy, Kit, Anita, Jef, and ME!

[?]ammyes.jpg: Here's me and Ammy watching Eyeshield and getting pizza.

[?]shoivy081.jpg: It's me and Victor, January 2008.

[?]pickup2.jpg: This is my favorite picture of us from Victor's visit. He picked me up with one hand.

[?]brenivycranium.jpg: Here's me and Brendon playing Cranium. (Meg and Victor were our partners.)

[?]mikeypizza2.jpg: In one of our malls in Tampa, they have giant squishy pretend food for kids to play on. Here's us sitting on pizza! February 2008.

[?]mikeyhotdog2.jpg: we also sat on a hot dog.

[?]jeauxjtennis2.jpg: Jeaux and I play night tennis sometimes.

[?]lordandlady2.jpg: Mikey and I dressed up for the Renaissance Faire in Tampa.

[?]corral1.jpg: Here's me and Mike during his March 2008 visit, eating at Golden Corral (one of our favorite places!).

[?]avenueq1.jpg: Meggie, Jeaux, and Brendon and I saw Avenue Q in April 2008.

[?]robivy2.jpg: I met Rob on the 'Net in April 2008, and here we are during our first hang-out session!

[?]robivypizza1.jpg: Rob and I made pizza on another occasion. May 24, 2008.

[?]stpastabandit.jpg: During Fred's visit, we ate at Sweet Tomatoes with Mikey. July 18, 2008.

[?]RONNIronni&ivy.jpg: I was a bridesmaid in Ronni's wedding. July 27, 2008.

[?]aviivy.jpg: My first meeting with my friend Avi. August 24, 2008.

[?]jeauxtennis0808.jpg: Jeaux and I had a nice game of tennis. August 26, 2008.

[?]gotingroup.jpg: At my Halloween party, I got in a shot with my friends who were dressed up for trick-or-treating. October 31, 2008.

[?]threefairies1.jpg: There were three fairies at my Halloween party: Me, Mike's mom, and Anita. October 31, 2008.

[?]partypeople.jpg: I had a holiday meal gathering with a few friends. My mom was also present but not in the picture. December 20, 2008.

[?]xmascake2.jpg: Mikey and me with the cake I baked for Christmas. December 25, 2008.

[?]mongolgroup09.jpg: Me with my friends Jef, Thea, Peck, Kari, Anita, and Kit. March 9, 2009.

[?]rengroup2.jpg: There I am at the Ren Faire yet again, getting bunny ears with Jef, Anita, Kit, Michael, and Sho. March 29, 2009.

[?]aviivybeanbag.jpg: Avi and I were on a giant beanbag! He is doing something geeky with his electronic device. August 29, 2009.

[?]heatherivyskate.jpg: Heather and I went to 80s night at the skating rink! September 9, 2009.

[?]allfivetrickortreat2.jpg: Here's our trick-or-treat group: Adrienne, me, Avi, Heather, and Amin. October 31, 2009.

[?]chspeople1.jpg: A group from my high school got together for brunch. Here's me, Max, Barbara, Ben, and Eric. December 28, 2009.

[?]ivyjessiecouch2.jpg: Me with Jessie in her Ann Arbor apartment. June 4, 2010.

[?]3girlsrestaurant2.jpg: Jessie, Cara, and me at an Asian fusion restaurant where we'd just eaten. June 5, 2010.

[?]bakinggirls.jpg: Three baking ladies: me with Katelyn and Meghan. August 6, 2010.

[?]pizzafriends2.jpg: I made homemade pizza and served it to friends. August 10, 2010.

[?]kitchenshot4.jpg: Mandy's housewarming party guests. August 28, 2010.

[?]shortiesinthehouse.jpg: Tia and me at Mandy's housewarming. August 28, 2010.

[?]tiarakids2.jpg: Mandy's musical theatre party: me, Gary, Doug, and Aaron. October 2, 2010.

[?]adriennebrentivy.jpg: Mandy's musical theatre party: me, Adrienne, and Brent. October 2, 2010.

[?]swankrichard1.jpg: Richard and me on the couch during his visit: December 26, 2010.

[?]plannedparenthood1.jpg: Mandy had us take a photo for a project, finding supportive folks at Drink and Draw. February 26, 2011.

[?]day2grouppic3: My friends Katelyn, Meghan, Jessica, Steve, and me at Disney World, Hollywood Studios, about to ride Star Tours for the second time: July 16, 2011.

[?]pedroivygarycynthia.jpg: This is me with my friends Pedro, Gary, and Cynthia at Drink and Draw: September 10, 2011.

[?]mandyivyphotobomb1.jpg: Halloween party: Mandy and I were taking a cute picture, and Victor expertly photobombed it. October 30, 2011.

[?]dangerousarmwear.jpg: Halloween party: Brent stole Victor's gauntlets and proceeded to try to kill people. October 30, 2011.

[?]joyivypizza1.jpg: Joy and me with homemade mushroom pizzas. April 29, 2013.

[?]pizzafreaks.jpg: Victor and me with homemade pizzas, being weirdos. May 25, 2013.

[?]selfiewithkim.jpg: Kim and I took our own picture with my new phone. August 28, 2013.

[?]thaitemple3.jpg: Fred visited and we ate brunch at the Thai Temple! October 6, 2013.

[?]shelbyivyselfie.jpg: Trying to take a selfie of Shelby and me at my Halloween party. October 20, 2013.

[?]attendees.jpg: Me with Meghan, Victor, and Jeaux at my book release party. August 30, 2014.

[?]usbuddha.jpg: Pals at Disney World: Katelyn, Meghan, Brendon, me, and Victor. November 29, 2014.

[?]ivyvictorbench2.jpg: Victor and me in EPCOT. November 29, 2014.

[?]shoaibibike2.jpg: We recreated a scene from one of Victor's comics at Disney World in Hollywood Studios using a speeder bike. November 30, 2014.