Victor and I got invited to go along on the family vacation with Meghan, Brendon, Katelyn, and Benjamin!

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[?] Meg at one of the places that makes her the happiest. Such a smile.

[?] In EPCOT, after riding Soarin', we got food at the food court. This is Katelyn and Meghan having their lunch.

[?] Victor got a meaty meal, and seemed happy with it.

[?] I had sushi. It was of course overpriced, but what isn't at Disney?

[?] At Club Cool, I drank the slightly bitter soda, Beverly. I like it, though.

[?] Victor's enjoying his taste of exotic soda.

[?] Not sure what kind of soda Katelyn was trying, but she seems to like it!

[?] Benny enjoys soda.

[?] Check out the flavors they had for us!

[?] Here's the only group shot I got--us shopping in EPCOT's World Showcase area.

[?] What a cute picture of Victor and me on a bench!

[?] Same shot but with Victor standing up.

[?] Meg and Katie always like to get Fish and Chips in Britain. I had a few of Victor's chips.

[?] Victor bought a cool soda with a marble in it when he was in Japan.

[?] EPCOT ball at night!

[?] Anyone who knows Benjamin probably wouldn't be surprised that he looks like he's running even in his sleep.

[?] Benjamin and I didn't ride the Aerosmith roller coaster--he doesn't like it and I wasn't feeling too well--so the big kids rode. We could see Meggie, Victor, and Katelyn in line!

[?] Here's the giant guitar outside the ride. Benjamin was very good while we were waiting for the others to get off the ride!

[?] We had a little breakfast and Benny got cuddly.

[?] Meggie is lucky to have such a cuddly boy.

[?] This was funny because Meggie's work tried to call her in while we were eating.

[?] My obligatory cute-ass selfie at breakfast. I can be pretty adorable. Just sayin'.

[?] We shopped at the villains store.

[?] Look at this warrior!

[?] At the villains store, I had to hang out with Maleficent a bit.

[?] Ben on the speeder bike!

[?] We tried to recreate a drawing Victor did once of character based on us.

[?] In any case we looked cute.

[?] We took a bus on over to the Magic Kingdom from Hollywood because we were going to the Christmas party! Ben got cuddly again.

[?] I think Ben might have been trying to mail something--like a letter to Santa?

[?] I'm not sure what bad thing he did to deserve this punishment, but I'm sure we'll think of something.

[?] Ben is a little weirdo.

[?] His shirt says "You are what you eat so I'm pizza."

[?] Attempted night selfie!

Pictures of the castle and fireworks:

[?] [?] [?]
[?] [?] [?]

[?] We had a breakfast at the Polynesian resort and it was a pretty big deal.

[?] Meg's was called "Tonga Toast." She had been looking forward to it for the whole vacation!

[?] I'm not sure what's under that mountain, but I'm sure Katelyn found it tasty.

[?] I think Victor got something that was called Big Kahuna, and he liked that.

[?] Potatoes and eggs, how predictable.

[?] LEGO dragon, Maleficent style!

[?] Another angle of the Maleficent dragon in Downtown Disney.