My pictures from Dieter's visit in February 2004!

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[?]d1.jpg: Look, it's my friend Dieter. He's in my house! Look! It's proof! What a cool guy.

[?]d2.jpg: I was supposed to be in this picture, but it didn't quite work out.

[?]lickloly.jpg: We went to the mall for fun. I was kind of being disturbing with my lollipop.

[?]dddr.jpg: Dieter played DDR in the arcade.

[?]vddr.jpg: I played too, it was fun. But I kinda look like a dork here.

[?]nodrinks.jpg: You can't really read this sign in my scan, but there's a sign here that says "No Drinks On The Machines," right above where those drinks are.

[?]vgator.jpg: I was posing with this gator. Cute eh?

[?]evilduck.jpg: I look evil and I'm holding a duck, in Spencer's.

[?]curly.jpg: I curled up lookin' tired.

[?]buddyref.jpg: Here's when he tried to take our picture together--both of our faces were actually in it, so I guess he did a good job here!

[?]buttboy.jpg: It's a butterfly boy with a video camera. Damn Dieter's cool. :D

[?]manibook.jpg: For some reason Dieter really wanted a picture of me with my Animaniacs notebook I wrote when I was in high school. It's kind of huge.

[?]rosey.jpg: I was making 1610 Rose Cakes for Valentine's Day. That's me with my batter.

[?]lucha.jpg: Sometimes Dieter likes to put on a wrestling mask and a girly apron and bake some cookies.