Here are pictures from the two and a half weeks or so I spent with David, here in my hometown of Gainesville.

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Moon and I picked David up from the bus station on (I believe it was) a Friday afternoon. We took him back to Aaron and Steve's place, which was where he was staying, and then we went out and had a nice lunch at KFC. I had to go to class after that, so I split . . . but that was the beginning of our time together. You can look through our photo album and read about our activities on the rest of this page. Enjoy!

[?]davcouch.jpg: Here is David at Aaron and Steve's place.

[?]uscouch.jpg: Here is me with David. We spent a lot of time in my apartment either just talking, watching movies and discussing them, and playing games. This is the very same couch we watched movies on, ooh how special. :) We watched Contact, Schindler's List, Higher Learning, A Clockwork Orange, a lot of Tenchi Muyo!, some Monty Python Flying Circus and Life of Brian, and even The Forbidden Zone.

[?]camelot.jpg: Here's David outside Camelot, which is the name of the apartment complex at which he was staying. This is where Aaron and Steve lived (at the time); a little has changed since then, but we won't go into that here since this isn't a page about them. :)

[?]myhair.jpg: This is a picture of my hair. David and I actually met because of a link to my site that was on the Long Hair Site, so as you may be able to tell he has a thing for long-haired girls. This picture of me features my lovely split ends.

[?]myhair2.jpg: And yet another picture of my hair, just for kicks.

[?]wig.jpg: Well, there's a bit of a story behind this one . . . that's a wig we got at Spencer's. And this is what David looks like as Rapunzel. *grin*

[?]steve1.jpg: While David was here, he and Steve became pretty good buddies. I was glad because since he wasn't staying at my place (and since I had school and hosting responsibilities), I couldn't entertain him all the time. I'm glad that Steve was a good friend to him. Here's a picture of him.

[?]asj.jpg: While David was here, Steve's birthday rolled around. We had a party for him at my place. This is me, Steve, and Aaron around the Pepto-Bismol cake that Aaron and I made, so named because of its nasty-looking pink frosting and . . . um, sickly character.

[?]stevstrm.jpg: Steve is not a guitar player. Not even if we use that definition very loosely. But it sure was hilarious to watch him strum. This was him doing so at his party.

[?]strummin.jpg: I play the guitar only slightly better than Steve does, but with much less spirit.

[?]philnme.jpg: David got to meet my ex-boyfriend and good friend Phil. This is us in an extremely strange position which I just can't explain.

[?]oreo.jpg: This was one of David's favorite things while he was here. Denny's has a fabulous Oreo sundae, called the Ooey Gooey Oreo Sundae or something like that . . . anyway, David had this lovely dessert I believe at least twice while in town . . . I think he tried to order it another time but Steve got it mixed up and ordered something different. As you can see, David is very enthusiastic about eating this. :)

[?]davbldg.jpg: We took a couple of pictures on my campus; this is David in front of . . . I think it's Criser Hall? Who knows. (I never go there.)

[?]mub.jpg: Here's me by the little lake in the middle of the Music Building, where I used to spend all my time (when I was a music major). Looks like a nice place to study, eh? I prefer the roof. . . .

[?]leanwall.jpg: This is a gratuitous picture of me for no damn reason, wearing my Tenchi shirt. It's on this page 'cause David took it, of course.

[?]myroom.jpg: Here's me at my computer, David took this picture of me, probably as I was hosting or getting ready to host.

[?]davmebik.jpg: This was when we were saying farewell, because he was leaving the next day. It's me and David and my bike.

[?]davputer.jpg: And here's David at his computer, after he got back to Malta. *sigh*

Well, that is our vacation; we don't have pictures of everything we did, obviously. Because Aaron and Steve's place was very far away from my place, David and I ended up walking between the two places and talking a lot in between. We had several great chats during those times. I also read his writing, and he read mine, and we shared suggestions and opinions. It was, overall, a very interesting and fun experience for both of us.