PhotoJournal Calendar: NOVEMBER!

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The Explanations:

Week 1
Sat., November 1:THE DAY AFTER Halloween was a bit hellish because I stayed up late the night before cleaning and then I ate candy all day and felt like hell. But I managed to go grocery shopping with Mikey and get the Halloween page and Meggie's wedding page and the new calendar page up on the Internet, because I am Superwoman.
Week 2
Sun., November 2: My usual Sunday thing--shower, laundry, creative projects. I tied my braids in a knot to stop them from dripping water on me. I again ate too much candy, argued with useless people on YouTube, and got my old shenanigans page archived on swankivy.com. I even started on the recipes page before I had to go to bed.
Mon., November 3: Tackled a few things at work. Wrote e-mails, ate pumpkin pie, answered OKC mail, and arranged to have dinner with Mom. I worked on my recipes page, took a nap, and woke up just before Mom got to my place. We ate at Sweet Tomatoes, talked about politics (like everyone was doing), and discussed Halloween and men. I fed her pie at my house and showed her the pictures. After she left I worked on my page more and took a break to read The Year of Secret Assignments.
Tues., November 4: Election Day, sucka! I didn't vote because I'd already done early voting last month, but it was still an exciting day. Did work on our prequalifications package at work. Ate at the Red Elephant with Jeaux, and then we went back to my place and he snoozed while I worked on my site. Then we sat around impatiently awaiting the election results. After he went home, I worked on the recipes page interspersed with checking out the election news. And soon we found out that Barack Obama is going to be the next president of the United States (yay) but stuff that's damaging to gay rights passed in three states (boo).
Wed., November 5: Went to work, played on LJ, worked on the recipes site, drew some comic drawings, and took a nap. Did some thinking about a new story idea and decided I was actually going to write it. Drew more of my comic and distracted myself by playing on IMVU.
Thurs., November 6: Went to work, posted crap in my LJ, and got all jazzed about my story wanting to be written. Finally decided screw everything, I'm going to start writing it. Took a nap, ate some food, and began writing it. Finished the first part and it took all day.
Fri., November 7: Went to work, did timesheets, didn't get much done in my personal life. Had to plug database crap in. Had a weird experience with my mail lady; she came in and recognized my name on some work mail and asked me if I lived at the apartments where I lived and recited my address--turned out she'd been hoping to meet me for a long time because I had a cool anti-proselytizing sign on my door. Back when I posted it, someone had written "right on!" on the side of it and I'd wondered who it was. It was that mail lady! So we finally got to meet. Small world. Jeaux was waiting for me outside work unexpectedly. He had made me a shirt as a thank-you for helping with his costume. Yay. I went home, napped, and worked on Negative One, then also worked on Mike's birthday present drawing. It came out excellent.
Sat., November 8: Mikey and I celebrated our anniversary of being friends. He gave me a bunch of books, CDs, and DVDs. I gave him a giant coffee cup, a book coupon, and a coupon to have me make him a giant donut. We ate at Denny's. We grocery shopped too. After updating all my lists to reflect my gifts, I worked on my new story more and got the second part done. Also got to chat to Fred as I framed Mike's present and wrapped it.
Week 3
Sun., November 9: Got up early, got laundry done, and worked on my new story until Mike got there. We spent the day making apple bread (kind of a disaster but still yummy) and we untangled some strange fried palm necklaces he'd made and chatted a whole bunch. He REALLY LOVED my present! After he left I did more writing.
Mon., November 10: I was very tired from writing but my boss had asked me to come in early so I did. They needed my help finishing a presentation. So I did that and then knocked out a bunch of actual work stuff. When I went home I caught some winks and then got up to work on the story again. Waha! I spent all night writing and added two sections.
Tues., November 11: Spent the work day doing office stuff and re-reading parts of my story. Then I went home and while I was biking I had this weird scene in my head from the story and it was actually really messing with my head. (When I got home I realized I had actually cried or something while riding, but hadn't noticed. It was really strange.) I immediately had to sit down and start writing, but I had a date with my dad for dinner so I was able to just put my brain on pause when he got there. We ate at GrillSmith and I had excellent pasta and we caught up and he gave me presents he got me in Japan (yay, a windchime!). Jeaux visited after he left and we watched South Park and Ichigo Mashimaro. Then he left and I stayed up late to finish the section.
Wed., November 12: Decided to throw caution to the wind and actually spent the day at work writing my story instead of paying attention to work stuff. I just had to do it or my brain wouldn't let me rest. I finished it while at work. When I got home I yakked with Kari on the phone, took a nap, and re-read the story.
Thurs., November 13: Ugh work on no sleep! Answered e-mail, hit Borders, hit the post office, and napped. Worked on the comic, for which I had to draw a special color poster, and that's about it.
Fri., November 14: Chatted with V in the morning, worked on the end of my comic stuff, and went to work to do timesheets. Unfortunately I was forced by circumstance to actually hammer out an inventory of what all was going on with our aged accounts receivable, so that took up most of the day. ::sigh:: Jotted down some e-mail stuff and went home and napped. Read my manga until Kari arrived. She and I chatted a while, then we met with Kit, Anita, and a guy I hadn't met before, so we could have Vietnamese food. Someone at the restaurant recognized me and was like "Did you used to live in Gainesville? I think I've seen you!" and I was like "If you've lived in Gainesville, I'm sure you have." Considering I'm a minor celebrity. ::strikes a pose::
Sat., November 15: Got up early and Mikey was working. Composed some e-mail, napped, called friends, and worked on my page. Drank too much coffee. Victor called and said he finished my story and we chatted about it. He liked it and that makes me happy.
Week 4
Sun., November 16: Up early again. Grocery shopped with The Mikey. Kinda had a bad day after that. Was feeling poopy about writing (sort of a post-partum depression, perhaps? Heh!) and tried to make myself feel better by researching another agent and composing a query letter for them. Started to feel better after that. Took a shower and tried to call Mommy but couldn't get her to answer. Started trying to transfer my Pagan page. Eventually got a hold of Stacy and chatted with her on the phone. Drew some pictures for my layout but ended up thinking they looked dumb and didn't use them.
Mon., November 17: Forgot to set an alarm so it's awesome that I got up in time for work. Spent the whole day at work making that Public Agencies database. Worked on my Web page at home and planned a lot of stuff for the new layout. Answered some e-mail and did some pondering.
Tues., November 18: Went to work and composed some e-mail, then went to Jeaux's. We ate at BJ's and saw Zack & Miri. Played tennis but had to quit because (get this) HE got too cold. Watched South Park, sent some e-mail, and worked on a drawing of myself as an anime character.
Wed., November 19: Woke up and went to work on no sleep. Worked on business development at work, composed some e-mail, and hung out with Meggie after work. We ate at GrillSmith and it was greeaaat. We chatted a while and then she went home. I worked on my anime drawing and spent a long time on my front page buttons.
Thurs., November 20: Did work at work. Then worked on my Web page at home and finally came up with a front page design that works. Talked to Mommy and got to snooze a bit too. Wrote my comic storyboard.
Fri., November 21: My boss and I were the only ones in the office because of travelers and meetings. I did some work but spent most of the day on e-mail. Wrote LJ entries and went home and drew the rest of Negative One. When that was done, after some dancing in my room, I couldn't get into my server! ARGH! I battled with the tech people and finally they fixed what was wrong but it meant I couldn't get the new episode onto the 'Net technically in time. It was an hour and a half "late." But I don't count it because I was done and ready in time, so there.
Sat., November 22: Slept really weird and bad. Got up when Mikey called. We shopped, came home, and I tried to nap but couldn't really. Had a tiring visit with Meggie, Brendon, and Ben--we were all sleepy! We ate at a new Asian buffet that was really good, and then chilled at my place taking turns falling asleep or close to it until they decided to go back to their hotel and leave me to sleep. Which I did, then spent the day playing with mail and a few site things.
Week 5
Sun., November 23: Answered some mail, did some reading, and worked on my links page. Did laundry and showered, and then got a call from Jessie which was quite nice. Chatted with her for a couple hours, discussed writing and related issues, and sewed buttons on my coat. Worked on the links page more after the conversation was over, and wrote next week's storyboard and the plot line for my Negative One commercial.
Mon., November 24: Wore a hideous clothing combination to work; I'm a fashion disaster. Worked on job capsules and prequals at work, goofed off with e-mail, and came home to work on the links page again. Chatted with Victor to avoid planning for the holidays. Drank far too much soda.
Tues., November 25: Spent the day e-mailing friends. Worked on the links page at home, took a nap, and actually pretty much finished the pages I was working on. Briefly interrupted by a Jeaux phone call. Got the wedding pics up and got other pics processed and sent to friends.
Wed., November 26: I love short weeks! Worked on crap for the new guy, did timesheets, and did prequals. Dropped off the FedEx on my way home and dove into baking for Thanksgiving. Made apple bread and dinner rolls. After baking and cleanup, I worked on scans for my commercial and began putting it together.
Thurs., November 27: Went to Jeaux's family's Thanksgiving. Took drawing stuff with me and got a lot of comic frames done in the car. His dad had made me my own pot of stuffing that wasn't full of meat juice and onions! Nice! There was a cute baby that looked like Jeaux. Everyone there liked my apple bread. I didn't ask to take any pictures because they seemed like they would think it was weird. So I just took my picture with the stuffing when I got home. (No one else wanted the non-meat stuffing.)
Fri., November 28: Chatted with V in the morning 'til the phone cut off. Did the rest of the Negative One drawings, worked on the commercial and completed it, and fired up my sewing machine to work on a friend's homemade present. Went grocery shopping with Mikey. Didn't feel like changing my clothes, so wore the same clothes for the second day in a row. Posted the comic and read manga.
Sat., November 29: Spent the day preparing for the holidays, answering mail, and drawing a poster for a friend's holiday gift. It took me like nine hours and my hand hurt when I was done, but I was pleased with the result. Still didn't feel like changing my clothes, so this was the third day in a row I spent in the same clothes. Other than the drawing I did very little except basic Web page maintenance and munching food while reading old stories.
Week 6
Sun., November 30: Finally decided to bathe and change my clothes. But since I wasn't planning to leave the house, I decided it was fine to wear my "Poopin' Is Cool" sweatshirt. I slobbed around the house, discovered I have ants in the kitchen and bathroom for some reason, and worked on another holiday gift. Spent the day on that, laundry, and other holiday stuff. Drank too much soda and coffee again. Processed photos for calendar page!