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The Explanations:

Week 1
Thurs., May 1:Beltane! Pagan holidays are awesome. I brought goodies to work and got all pissed off because of some confusion caused by one of our PMs--and our corporate office got way pissed at him. Oops. I wrote a tome to my friend Jessie during the day, and shopped at Fresh Market, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Borders after work. I dealt with the plumbers at home, and made a pudding cake in honor of Beltane. HEAVENLY. I chatted with Mom and decorated for Beltane, and ate yummy Beltane food. Then I fell asleep early.
Fri., May 2: Victor called in the early morning as per usual. I was still straightening out my taxes and bitched to him about that. Took a nap before work, went in to the office, and had a slow morning and a pizza party afternoon. Then after work some dude in our complex teased me about my hair. I went to Michaels to buy crafts, forgot my wallet, and had to bike home, get the wallet, and bike back again with my junk. Paid rent, balanced my checkbook, then finally worked on my comic. Chatted with Sarah for a while and then fell asleep on the floor.
Sat., May 3:Organized my decorations and cleaned up my apartment. Played with my Web page. Mikey and I shopped at Target and Publix, then watched Juno while eating grilled cheese sammiches and taters. Put up some new decorations--including the new creativity wall in my office!--and took a nap. Killed time and ate blueberry cake in the evening. Started thinking about my Mother's Day gift and downloaded songs from a paid accompaniment site to sing to. Made some recordings. Re-did Negative One's fan art page because it was pissing me off, and updated the apartment page to show my new decorations. Slept!
Week 2
Sun., May 4: Beat Mikey at tennis early in the morning, reclaiming my earring. Took a shower, did laundry, ate blueberry cake, and worked on Mom's present. Had to learn a song in French because I accidentally downloaded a song I thought I knew but didn't, and still wanted to use it. Other than that all I did was dig up comments on my books for the Long Fiction Page. Also chatted with Meggie on the phone while finishing laundry and dishes.
Mon., May 5: Back to work. Opened a new project and printed pages for a long document. Worked on e-mails. Completed Mom's present when I got home, and continued working on the comments pages for Long Fiction. Cleaned my room and enjoyed some feedback on my latest novel, sent from Ronni.
Tues., May 6: Did usual Tuesday duties and parking space counting at work. I also performed surgery on my printer and successfully removed a lethal bit of paper, staining my hands with printer blood--er, ink--in the process. After work, went to Jeaux's and we had dinner at IHOP. Played tennis in the evening, took a shower, and discussed revisions for my book.
Wed., May 7: Counted more parking spaces at work. Worked on more mail. After work I played with fonts at home, and played tennis and beat Mikey in a mini-game. After my shower I began work on the Short Stories Page. Got just about all of the front page done and just had to fill in the content next. Got the good news that rent isn't going up for me next year. Yay.
Thurs., May 8: Work was the usual except for some very odd chatting with the phone repairman, who was a bit mind-blown by some stuff I said (i.e., it actually isn't a crisis that I'm not married). Worked on the Short Stories Page more after work. All day. Made pasta and ate it.
Fri., May 9: Spent the day e-mailing friends. Did timesheets and expense report at work, and set up some survey stuff for our reviews later. Worked on the comic once I got home, though I kept getting distracted by Rob calling. Had a really hard time concentrating on the comic this week.
Sat., May 10: Worked on my Web page, talked to my grandparents, and went to Publix with Mikey. I ate five slices of pizza. Then I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and Fresh Market on my bike, looking for Sarah's birthday gifts. Got a phone call from Rob, who was having a crisis, so I agreed on short notice to help him move. Got back home very late at night after cleaning out Rob's car and trying to help him organize. After he left I worked on my page more.
Week 3
Sun., May 11: This was a very good day for me. I got up and was all ready to play tennis with Mikey but he didn't want to, so I spent the time music coding, working on the Short Stories Page, and recording one more song for Mom. Then Sarah and David showed up and we ate at IHOP, followed by exchanging gifts. (Her birthday gift was, yeah, a little late. Mine for her was early.) Finished Short Stories Page and was very pleased! Listened to a song by Rajaton like a hundred times. Found out my mom went to the doctor and got a problem resolved, so I was relieved.
Mon., May 12: Sad about earthquake. :( Also sad that some people are such buttholes about it since they are gloating about it hitting China because they don't like China! Ass! Went to work and worked on mail and jerks. Shopped at Abby's after work and got buckwheaty things for Mom. Went home, read some LiveJournal, and beat Mikey at a mini-game of tennis. Ate too much, worked on the Negative One contest trying to choose what art I was going to use in the event, and argued with my cable company.
Tues., May 13: Binding, filing, printing, unpacking, and training filled my day at work. Wrote my comic and e-mail. Went to Jeaux's and ate at Friday's. Ended up waiting all night for the cable guy and he never came, so I got to argue with them again. Got pissed off and was ready to open a can of whoop-ass. Bullshitted with Jeaux about a funny Web site. Worked on the contest page some more until I fell asleep.
Wed., May 14:Helped my boss prepare to go to Mexico, then chatted with a new friend through OKCupid. Came home, played tennis, and lost my mini-game. Showered and chatted with Rob, messed with my page, and accompanied him to some errands. Introduced him to the Jerry Springer Opera. After he left, I spent all night IMing like a moron. Added new quotes to my page from a Lemony Snicket book.
Thurs., May 15: Did a lot of printing at work. Answered lots of e-mail and ate too much. I am addicted to Frito-Lay munchies. Bought Jeaux a present at Borders, then called Mom and played DDR. I was too tired to play much so I quit after half an hour, showered, and went to sleep. When I woke up I played on the computer until morning.
Fri., May 16: More printing at work, timesheets and stuff, and dealing with outages, proposals, and yammering employees. Got my e-mail box really close to empty! Went home, worked on the comic, and got the contest ready to launch. Er, and launched it all. No naps, which is frustrating. Was very silly and tired by the end of the night.
Sat., May 17: Mikey and I went grocery shopping, then went to Mom's and saw her next-door neighbor's cool stuff. I collected my sister's Japan package, gave Mom her CD, and came home to do nothing constructive. Helped Mikey battle Verizon. Chatted to Dash a little and slept in the middle of the day. Designed some of the Poetry Page. Ate popcorn and sat on my ass.
Week 4
Sun., May 18: Laundry, phone chat with Fred, Negative One stuff, phone chat with Rob, and more Poetry Page. Played tennis and got spanked by Mikey. Showered. Worked on Poetry Page more!
Mon., May 19: Went to work and was very busy. Bound reports and put in a project, updated a budget, and sent letters of interest all importantly. Left early for my doctor's appointment (a check-up). Got a lecture on calcium and PAP smears. (Ew.) I like the doctor. Got a tetanus shot. Ouch. Finished the Poetry Page and ate a lot.
Tues., May 20: Cleaned my apartment and went to work. Did usual Tuesday tasks. Whined in my blog all day. Got distracted by the maintenance guy. Ate at Carrabba's with Jeaux, then shopped for DVDs at Borders. Took a nap and played tennis with Jeaux. Sat around with Jeaux and played with my ThinkGeek toys. Worked on e-mail and administrative stuff. Fell asleep in my chair for a while.
Wed., May 21: Awoke to my new alarm clock for the first time. Fun! Hurt my hand on a box. Worked on a report at work. The phone repair guy came again. At home I ate, snoozed, and played tennis (I won, yay!), read a little, and helped someone with her query letter through e-mail. Wrote some mail and did a little work on the new Nonsense Page.
Thurs., May 22: Stopped procrastinating on certain things at work, and got them all done. One of my co-workers thinks I am shy. No, I am just polite! Amused myself with e-mail and LiveJournal. Went home, ate crap for lunch, and slept. Worked on Nonsense Page some more. Mom came over and we sat around talking about my book and her life. She ate my popcorn and drank my wine. Hooray!
Fri., May 23: Woke up early with Victor's call. Got a lot of Negative One drawn while on the phone. Went to work and was kinda bored. Took a nap and woke up without much time to finish the comic, so it's good I got a lot done in the morning. Got the comic up and also worked on the contest decisions and results page. Stayed up 'til morning.
Sat., May 24: Woke up from a bizarre dream about church ladies invading my work and letting their children go through my purse and destroy its contents. Chatted with Victor online until it was shopping time. Shopped, came home, cleaned, and used my dishwasher (wow). Rob came over and we made pizzas. We talked about very interesting things--our pasts, and my book, and other stuff--and watched the rest of Jerry Springer: The Opera. After he left, I slept.
Week 5
Sun., May 25: Played tennis with Mikey and got my ass handed to me completely. Took a shower and did very little else but edit my book all day. Very difficult work! Finally got to work on the Nonsense Page and finished it. Happy Towel Day!
Mon., May 26: Spent my Memorial Day holiday working on the writing part of my site, and managed to finish pretty much everything in the Journals Page. Did laundry, too, and didn't play tennis because I wanted a lazy day. Stacy called so I talked to her while finishing laundry and doing dishes. I wrapped Jeaux's birthday presents, watched some YouTube videos, and finished the Work Log.
Tues., May 27: Back to work--and got so much done that I wasn't looking forward to! Screwed around and proofread my Work Log. Answered e-mail. Went to Jeaux's and we ate at Sweet Tomatoes. Played tennis. Jeaux went home, and I ate a bunch of stuff 'cause I had to start fasting since I was having blood taken the next day. Worked on the Web page. Watered my plants.
Wed., May 28: Went to the doctor in the morning and had no problem giving blood. Ate a granola bar and went to work. Answered e-mail and proofread more. Finished the Quotes Page at home and now my Writing Page is done! Played with Webrings and watched David Bedella on YouTube. Yummy. Meditated on the meaning of the freakin' universe . . . well, did some thinking about what I was about to do on my webcomic.
Thurs., May 29: Biked to work and dealt with invoices, project numbers, and other companies' proposals that were better than ours. When I went home I edited some more, updated some important crap on my Web page, distracted myself, and started working on the next section of my site. But then I got tired and fell asleep for a lot of the day. When I got up I worked on the site more and put together some packages for Japan, only to fall asleep again until the phone woke me up.
Fri., May 30: Got up relatively late--4:30 AM--and talked to Victor about my book. Drew some of my sad comic while we were chatting. Then I dropped off my packages to send to Japan, and went to work. I had a lot to do at the office. Timesheets and stuff, plus we had to pull together a last-minute letter of interest for an advertisement. After work I shopped at Borders for the hell of it, went home, and drew more pictures for my sad comic while getting distracted by the funny music I'd put on to keep myself from getting too upset. Finally I posted the comic, buried myself for a while because it was depressing, and got up to work on the About Me page a little. Ended up passing out on the floor.
Sat., May 31 Spent the whole day hanging out with Meggie and baby Ben! We chased the rugrat a bit, went to lunch at Friday's, went grocery shopping, and came home to chase the baby more and make sweet stuff for dessert. I made lemon poppy seed cookies and Meggie made some chocolate chip bar thing. They were both great. Meggie and I got to talk a bunch and have girl time, and it was great. After she left, I put my apartment back in order (I'd had to rearrange some things to baby-proof), I relaxed a little and fell asleep in the computer chair.