PhotoJournal Calendar: JANUARY!

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Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat.

The Explanations:

Week 1
Tues., January 1:New Year's Day--and Jeaux Day. Made shepherd's pie, watched Idiocracy, and played tennis.
Wed., January 2:Back to work. Very cold day. Heater in apartment died. Chatted on the phone with friends.
Thurs., January 3:Worked while wearing a silly hat. Had Ammy over. We watched Eyeshield 21, played DDR, and chatted into the wee hours.
Fri., January 4:Worked the usual. Drew Negative One while listening to music and talking to sister P on the phone.
Sat., January 5:Slept in since Mikey was working. Chatted with Mom. Later went grocery shopping, then biked to the craft store and bought Yuletide items on sale. Made winter basket arrangements. Worked on my Web site.
Week 2
Sun., January 6:Slept in. Worked on my newest novel. Played DDR. Talked to Victor and Meggie on the phone. Worked on my Web page. Drew a picture of characters.
Mon., January 7:Back to work. Did some editing. Ate at Sweet Tomatoes with Phil and watched Eyeshield 21 together. Worked on my Web page and posted on manga forums.
Tues., January 8:Work and Jeaux Day. Ate at Sweet Tomatoes with Jeaux, watched South Park, went out to the movie Sweeney Todd.
Wed., January 9:Worked and was alone in the office. Took a nap and played DDR. Cleaned up apartment. Chatted to Victor.
Thurs., January 10:Bored and distracted at work. Had important but unpleasant conversations with Mikey. Chatted to Mom while drawing. Talked more to Mikey. Worked on my Web page and talked to Daddy on the phone.
Fri., January 11:Beat everyone to work. Argued with a religious idiot online. Cleaned the kitchen. Worked on Negative One. Read Skip Beat and ate too much.
Sat., January 12:More arguing with religious idiots online. Went shopping and watched Swing Kids with Mikey while eating fake chicken noodle soup from Blinky's recipe. Called Meggie, cleaned the house, worked on some extra Negative One gallery pictures, updated pictures online, and did laundry.
Week 3
Sun., January 13:Dad and Connie took me to Sarasota to see my grandparents and my Aunt Elisa, where we celebrated four Capricorn birthdays. Worked on my Web site after I got home.
Mon., January 14:Back to work again--busy day. Got harassed by religious weirdoes putting pamphlets on my door. Got a compliment on my drawings from the maintenance man. Processed photos, talked to Mom, cleaned, and snuggled in bed.
Tues., January 15:Jeaux Day was pre-empted for Victor's arrival. Did paperwork at work, then came home to Victor waiting for me. Chatted and caught up with him, ate homemade biscuits and tater tots, and watched wacky programs on TV. Checked out each other's drawings.
Wed., January 16:Last day of being a twenty-something. Slacked at the office. Hung out with Victor. Was thwarted while making muffins because the oven died. Ordered pizza and watched Eyeshield 21 and The 4400.
Thurs., January 17:MY BIRTHDAY. TURNED THIRTY YEARS OLD. Had to work. Got lots of e-mails, texts, and phone calls about my birthday. Mommy took Victor and me to Borders and the grocery store. Made vareneky and ate it while listening to music and watching Monk. Drew my comic a little.
Fri., January 18:Substitute Jeaux Day. Finished the comic, worked, came home and posted the comic. Invited Jeaux over and introduced him to Victor. Ate at Golden Corral and went to see Cloverfield. Fell asleep while my friends hung out.
Sat., January 19:Dual birthday party! V and I watched The Greatest American Hero and I made brownies. Meg, Brendon, and Ben came over. We got food from Five Guys Burgers and Fries and ate it, then made a cake and watched Hot Fuzz. Mikey made a brief visit. Meg, Bren, V and I played Cranium. Fell asleep after they left.
Week 4
Sun., January 20:Watched Amélie with Victor. Went to the flea market with V, Meg, Bren, and Ben. Meg dropped Victor off at his hotel and I was exhausted from so much interaction during the week. Cleaned the house and made a chocolate coffeecake. Chatted online to Fred. Processed photos.
Mon., January 21:Finished laundry and went to work. Mom picked me and V up and we had a dinner party at her house. Victor got to meet Heather, Matt, sister Lindsay, and Amber. Some of us played Clue and Go To The Head Of The Class before dinner. Mom dropped V off at his hotel again.
Tues., January 22:Usual Tuesday at work, plus some detective errands. Went to Jeaux's and he and I ate at BJ's, went to Best Buy, and played tennis. Watched Princess 9. Worked on my site.
Wed., January 23:Busy at work. Shopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Was thwarted while working on the Web site because the interface wouldn't cooperate. Read Skip Beat and had some silly alone time.
Thurs., January 24:Worked on documents at work. Met with Victor and watched some El Hazard. Ate at Sweet Tomatoes with Jeaux and watched Read or Die together before taking V back to his hotel. Worked on the comic.
Fri., January 25:Beat everyone to work again. Emergency scrambling for documents . . . and timesheet goodness. Read Skip Beat and put the comic up. Read the new Eyeshield 21 manga and played with my hair.
Sat., January 26:Got up early and made cardamom bread. Mikey took me grocery shopping. Did laundry, played with pictures, and chatted with Robin while baking more goodies. Worked on the Web page.
Week 5
Sun., January 27:Spent the day in Victor's hotel room for ten hours watching Eyeshield 21 and eating Chinese and Japanese delivery, including edamame, sushi, and lo mein.
Mon., January 28:Another work day involving arguments with the contracts people. Came home and hung out with Victor playing the Harry Potter Quidditch card game. Made a quiche from scratch and ate it while watching Eyeshield. After he went to sleep I finished my Jerks Page.
Tues., January 29:Busy at work, the usual Tuesday. Jeaux came over and Victor and he and I went to Kobé for Japanese food. I drew the comic while my friends made dirty anagrams out of video game names and other geekiness.
Wed., January 30:Went to work and nothing was going on. Made a shepherd's pie for Victor and we ate it while watching Triumph and Eyeshield.
Thurs., January 31:More nothing at work. Came home and played DDR while V videotaped me. Mom came and we took him to the airport, and he left for Philly. Came home and cleaned the house, packed for a trip tomorrow, took a shower, and did laundry. Processed my comic and worked on pictures.