PhotoJournal Calendar: DECEMBER!

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The Explanations:

Week 1
Mon., December 1:Wore my bear hat to work and did a ton of online shopping because it was "cyber Monday." I spent like over $200 just on ThinkGeek's Web site! Also hit eBay, Borders, AND paid my rent. Not a very nice day for my wallet. I napped and woke up in no mood to achieve. So I bought a couple more things and talked to Victor online.
Tues., December 2: Went to work, kinda late, on my bike. Spent the day typing other people's shit, dealing with rather weird requests, and trying to avoid the hardest work. Then I met Jeaux and we ate at Red Elephant, where the nice server liked my drawing. Then we hit the tennis court and Jeaux's ears were cold so I lent him a hat. But he looked like a very pink gangsta. So I made him pose for a picture in it. We chatted and I drew more crap after he left.
Wed., December 3:Had to knuckle down and work on the database we're building, which sucks 'cause it's tedious. Also found out I was going to have to print 25 copies of that damn report. It came back to haunt me! I gabbed to the corporate office accounts payable lady and went home, then napped, and finally got to work on some of my calendar drawings for the Negative One calendar. IMed with Alicorn, Will, and Kalinda. Finished reading Heck and HATED it.
Thurs., December 4: I went to work feeling ugly and dirty. I typed all day and dealt with oddball requests. Ended up having to hit the post office. Came home, started reading Love, Stargirl, and took a shower. I was boring and lazy. Posted in the Tomgeeks forum and drew some of a new picture, and managed to force myself to work on the new depressing episode of Negative One.
Fri., December 5: Woke up with V's phone call. Back to work, spent the day typing again, did timesheets, and came home to work on the comic. Needed 12 frames instead of 10 so I had to scramble 'til the last minute.
Sat., December 6: Got up at 3 AM with another V phone call, and worked on my baking for the potluck I was going to. Made vegan agave nectar cupcakes and also biscotti. Worked on some doodling until Mikey took me to the grocery store. He was in a very good mood. I napped, got up, and went to Avi's house for yummy vegan potluck, where I met his sister too. They had a very funny decoration of a doll with its arms up and it was on a cross made from a soda can carton. I prayed to it. I also gave Avi his Chanukah present, and he loved it.
Week 2
Sun., December 7: Sarah and her husband David came over, so we ate at Mimi's and traded gifts. I ate way too much. We looked at some wedding photos and then after they left I did laundry, snoozed, and worked on my drawings. Talked to V in IMs and IMVU.
Mon., December 8: Ewww back to work. Spent the day on the database again, and answered some OKC mail. Also had to deal with a lot of stuff for our newest employee. After work I sent Rob's present to Korea and went home. There I ate too much, took a nap, and when I got up I DID NOTHING BECAUSE I SUCK. Worked on a little Web stuff and talked in IMs to Victor about Bad Fairy, which he thinks should be a trilogy.
Tues., December 9: Went to work, dealt with usual evil, prepared for printing tomorrow. Met Jeaux, ate at Cracker Barrel, and played Santa at the mall. Also found a very cute black tutu thing and I love wearing it. Jeaux and I made fun of Twilight and then he went home, and I didn't do anything else important.
Wed., December 10: OMG BIGGEST SLACKER EVAR! SOMEONE SHOOT ME! Worked on a draft of the appendix at work and got approved. Played Santa's elf buying crap on eBay and at Borders. Took a nap, messed with pictures, balanced my checkbook, and drew some of the comic.
Thurs., December 11: Had to ride my bike in the rain and got rather soggy. Spent the work day printing the report and dealing with some freakouts. Stayed late. Got home, ate too much, snoozed, and drew the rest of the comic. Watched YouTube when I didn't have time. Updated my reading list and opened Reeny's gift, which was DVDs and CDs mostly, and it was awesome! Went to bed.
Fri., December 12: Hectic work day 'cause of timesheets and other crap. Had to argue with Microsoft Word's buggiest version ever while trying to do anchored tables of contents. Ugggghh! After work I played around a bit and then got ready for the office Christmas party, which we had at GrillSmith. I ate pizza. We went to my boss's house afterwards and ate dessert, and then I got driven home and I crashed.
Sat., December 13: Got up early after having fallen asleep in my contacts and my clothes with no blanket. Had voicemail about news from my mom. Went shopping with Mikey and Mom called back and told me my sister's getting married! YAY FOR P! We grocery shopped and I unpacked, talked to Mom again, then Meggie. Drew more calendar pics, then went Christmas shopping again at Borders, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Office Depot. Spent too much money again. Did more calendar, listened to Indigo Girls, and talked to Fred.
Week 3
Sun., December 14:Got up at the appalling hour of 10 AM. P called and told me her news herself. We chatted for a long time. Then we hung up and I had Kevin over. We made shepherd's pie and watched The Whale Rider and exchanged presents. I was disappointed that I didn't finish drawing the calendar.
Mon., December 15: Back to work. Spent the day printing, dealing with budget increases, filing proposals, making labels, and decorating the tree at work. We got cookies from Adams! Woo. I stayed an extra hour. Went home, worked on drawing, and only got two calendar pics done. Took a nap, listened to Jethro Tull and Jewel, and did dishes/laundry.
Tues., December 16: Lugged a bunch of stuff to the post office and mailed packages. Printed at work and did the usual Tuesday blah-de-blah. Went to Jeaux's after work, went to International Mall and ate at Bamboo, and roamed the mall. I worked on my tenth calendar drawing while listening to Angélique Kidjo.
Wed., December 17: Spent all day printing the report again, then hit the grocery store, took a short nap and made cookie dough. While the dough chilled I drew calendar pics and talked to Meg. Finished the calendar pics! Did the rest of my baking and package-wrapping and ended up staying up all night.
Thurs., December 18: Went to work on no sleep whatsoever. Mailed some packages, printed crap all day, fell asleep for about 3 minutes sitting up at my desk. Got coffee and it rescued me. Got my calendar printed and bound and went home, then BACK to the post office to mail the rest of the packages and my cards. Went home and FINALLY SLEPT.
Fri., December 19: Got up to V's call finally. Made espresso brownies and never got around to drawing or decorating. Cleaned a bit. Got driven crazy with replacement pages at work. Went to Borders and bought the wrong book. Went home, drew the comic while chatting with Kari, and went to sleep.
Sat., December 20: V called again to keep me company while I put up Solstice decorations. Shopped with Mikey, came home, called V again while making cauliflower dish. Then had Mikey, Mike, and Kim over. We ate appetizers. Then Mom arrived with the spinach lasagna and I was SO excited. We all exchanged gifts and I hope my mom liked Kim. After everyone left I called V again because I had received his gift and he had received mine during the day. We opened them on the phone together and it was great. He sent a bunch of stuff but my favorite was a pencil drawing he'd done of us together. It is on my wall.
Week 4
Sun., December 21: Got a fair amount done. Did laundry, took shower, emptied dishwasher (which I hardly ever use but wanted to after party dishes), sorted presents and updated lists. Cleaned out my inbox a little. And ate a lot of candy. Processed pictures, actually saw my sister L, and lit some Chanukah candles because it was day one of the holiday. (Even though I don't really celebrate it unless I'm with someone else who does. I sang the blessing anyway though. Ahh, tradition.)
Mon., December 22: Work again, eight and a half hours of annoying reprints. Had to edit, and on top of that they needed me to do utility mail-outs, and then another employee kept asking me to help edit that problematic table of contents and it was all very overwhelming. Came home, edited a friend's book chapters, IMed with Alicorn, messed with pictures, and wrote a table of contents.
Tues., December 23: More crap with the report at work, plus budget increases with glitches and hard-copy editing nonsense. Got all the printing except the front part of the document. Jeaux and I ate at IHOP and gave our gifts, and then went downtown to see Synecdoche, New York, the newest Kaufman movie. Dear lord it was weird, but great. We also had drinks at Indigo beforehand. (I love their coffee!) We got home and listened to Wicked.
Wed., December 24: Christmas Eve and pulling long hours at work. I came in early and dealt with binding this report which I never want to see again. After work I brought some packages home that were sent to me, and one was a gift from Fred while the other was a gift I had ordered for someone else. I made a cake, did dishes, and talked to V.
Thurs., December 25: Went over Mikey's house on Christmas morning and exchanged gifts/stocking stuffers with him, and he made me breakfast. We listened to the George Carlin CD I'd gotten him and then I went home. I have too much candy. Made cookies for Ronni and spent too much time on cleaning up and packing. Also called my mom and she was not in a good mood which was sad.
Fri., December 26: Short day at work--I put in 5 hours and left. Drew for the comic with lots of distractions, but still got the comic up in time. Cute little Ivy.
Sat., December 27: Vacation time. Got a note from my apartment complex saying I have to take everything out of my cabinets and off my counters in preparation for a refinishing that's due to happen soon. Ran around packing and cleaning, and then my dad came and picked me up to go to my grandparents' house. We ate at Outback, and exchanged gifts at their house. I got money, tennis clothes, and a pink teddy bear. Dad had gotten the grandparents a computer (which they said they wanted), and I got to hook it up for them and set up their e-mail. And then I found out neither of them knew how to use a mouse. I took a shower, read a bit of Airman, and went to sleep.
Week 5
Sun., December 28: Ate breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa. Worked out some kinks in their computer for them and added people to my grandma's address book. Wrote directions for them to teach them how to log into e-mail and turn their computer off. Grandma gave me a collage of old pictures which kinda made me sad because I miss those days. We ate at First Watch and listened to my CD in the car, and then I called Mikey and told him my woes while unpacking. I did some computer stuff and went to bed.
Mon., December 29: Got up and puttered around until Stacy and Sam came over. We went to First Watch for breakfast and shopped at Citrus Park Mall where I spent some of my Williams-Sonoma gift certificate. We exchanged gifts and chatted. It was a very good visit! Her present had some fake flowers on the wrapping that I put in my hair. Then I left a message on Mike's machine and worked on my friends page for my site. I got IMed on OKCupid and talked to that guy a while. Then I posted an OKC journal about an asshole.
Tues., December 30: Worked on the friends page, played wth other parts of the site, and engaged in distractions 'til Jeaux Time. He came over and we ate at Sweet Tomatoes and talked about "Stupid Questions" (which he finished). Then we shopped, came home, and made fun of stuff. He left and I spent the next four hours emptying my cabinets and drawers in preparation for the refinishing. Stuff got stacked all over my living room and bedroom. Yug. I fell asleep after talking to another person on OKC.
Wed., December 31: I got a notice on my door about an inspection, and it was confusing so I called my office and they were like "oh you didn't get the cancellation notice about your cabinets?" WTF. So I emptied all my cabinets and have crap all over my living room and they aren't even coming. I'm trying to make sure they come Friday so I can put things back when I thought I would have to. After some sulking, I watched some YouTube stuff, worked on the Babyhood page of my life story, and chatted with Mikey. He took me to my mom's and we shot off fireworks and ate yummy appetizers. After he left I talked to my mom and it did not have a very pleasant ending, but at least I had a good sleep under a warm blanky.