PhotoJournal Calendar: AUGUST!

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The Explanations:

Week 1
Fri., August 1:Talked to Victor on the phone while making cheddar bread and biscuits. Went to work and shared bread with my co-workers, and did usual Friday work stuff. At home again, I ate special food for the holiday and messed around and did more drawings. I called my dad and put my comic up, then read the rest of the book Generation Dead.
Sat., August 2:Worked on my book and answered lingering e-mail. Chatted with Rob and spruced my apartment up. When Mikey got off work he didn't want to go shopping so I had Rob over and we ate at Perkins together. Watched Eyeshield 21 anime with Rob, too. After he left, I read some of the story Jeaux is writing and worked on my book, ate too many holiday biscuits, and fell asleep early.
Week 2
Sun., August 3:Mikey called and we went to get groceries. I did laundry, worked on the friendship journal I have with Ronni, and worked on the Web page. I had plans with my friend Sarah but she didn't come or call, so I eventually called and left a message. Baked cookies while talking to Meggie, and packed them to send to Ronni.
Mon., August 4:Back to work. I mailed my package and had a pizza party at work, and we changed the server over to a new backup. Had to scramble to get documents out the door. After work didn't feel like doing much so I swept the porch and took a nap. Talked to Mikey and Meg on the phone. Worked on my book and my site and played on OKCupid and bought a Dr. Horrible shirt. Stayed up until 3:30 AM.
Tues., August 5:Tuesday duties at work. Ate more pizza and finished a task I'd been working on for weeks collecting developers' names for my boss. Went to Jeaux's, hung out at my place, and waited for my mom to pick us up to go to Heather's birthday. We met Heather and Matt at Cheesecake Factory and ate too much food.
Wed., August 6:Dealt with very small admin stuff at work but I did even less work than usual. Went shopping at Borders after work and then did some mail at home. Played DDR and took a shower. Then I worked on my site, wrote an Amazon review, and ended up taking a nap that lasted all night.
Thurs., August 7:Red Files and evaluation printouts dominated the day at work. At home I played DDR again, showered, and goofed off. Worked on the site but then Mommy IMed me, and then others started doing so (resulting in some annoyance when I got a really dumb IM from someone). I also got another person hitting on me on OKCupid while using a form letter. After that I played on YouTube and went to bed.
Fri., August 8:My boss left the country. I had to do something I hate: Calling utility contacts. Bleh. Spent the day reading, balancing my checkbook, and playing on MySpace. I ate, slept, and worked on my comic. Also ate some pineapple from Mommy's pineapple plant. Talked to Mommy on the phone. Put up the comic, read the new manga online, and watched my Internet fall off.
Sat., August 9:Shopped at Target, Publix, and Abby's with Mikey. We planned to play tennis but it rained, so we watched a movie and ate enchiladas. Then it was sunny, so we played two games and went swimming in between. I won both games, go me! But I rubbed all the skin off a couple of my toes somehow and got blisters. I showered, ate, napped, and finished the drama section of my favorite movies page.
Week 3
Sun., August 10:Got laundry going and finally decided to get my redecorating for Lughnasadh season done. Mikey bought me a hula hoop. After I finished redecorating, I cleaned the apartment and took a nap, then got up and messed with OKCupid until Sarah came over. We went to Westshore Mall and saw the new Traveling Pants movie while her husband saw an action movie. They drove me home and then I ate food and got the musicals section done on my movies page. Then I read a bunch of a manga scanlation Jeaux sent me called Aiesu (it's about intersexual teenagers; yup, there's a manga about everything!).
Mon., August 11:Not so productive at work. Worked on a database. Read more of Aiesu and finished what there was to read. Worked on my page, napped, and finished the movies page finally. Set up some other site stuff and had a boring day.
Tues., August 12:Jeaux Day, so I walked to work. Did some work on Goodreads and nearly finished my database at work. Jeaux and I had a runaround for restaurants because everywhere we went was closed! We ended up at a Vietnamese place where I didn't really like my food. Shopped at Mojo, Office Depot, and Michaels. Watched Ichigo Mashimaro with Jeaux, tweaked my page, and watched videos.
Wed., August 13:Got e-mail and more Goodreads stuff done, and had to do work-type-stuff. Bought candles at Bed Bath & Beyond. Cleaned up my apartment, made a seasonal door hanger with wired flowers, and got online. I was actually sorta bored, which doesn't usually happen; I had a lot to do but didn't want to start anything. Then Deborah IMed and I didn't have to decide what to do. :) We chatted and she gave me some suggestions on the first part of my book. Then I got tired and fell asleep in the chair.
Thurs., August 14:Woke up on the floor. Went to work and constructed e-mail. Worked on more Goodreads profile stuff. I had to do stuff on my boss's presentation. Bought more candles, got home, drew a little, and had my friend Mike over and we shot the shit for a few hours. Then got drawing done and played around online and slept.
Fri., August 15:Chatted with Victor on the phone before going to work. Wrote the new Artemis Fowl node on E2 and updated Goodreads again--almost done filling it with my favorite books. Did timesheets. Bought presents for Jessie at Borders, napped at home, and uploaded some music for Steven and put the comic up. Chatted in IMs with some people. Tried to put new music on my mp3 player but it was being a dick.
Sat., August 16:Went shopping with Mikey, ate fake chicken and dumplings while watching Down Periscope, and tried to play tennis but it started raining as soon as we got on the court. I went home, snoozed on the floor, and got up to work on my book. Also made cookies while chatting with sister P on the phone.
Week 4
Sun., August 17:Woke up and it was almost noon. Took a shower, did laundry, and worked on editing my book more. Made more cookies, set up packaging to send a lot of cookies away to four people, worked on mail, and cleaned up the mess I made.
Mon., August 18:Read journals and worked on mail, and had to put packages together at work and handle some forms for my boss. People were freaking everywhere about a hurricane coming to get us. Went home, napped, and thought of a short story but decided not to write it. Answered mail and talked in IMs, then worked on my novel and Goodreads all evening. Got IMed by someone who likes my comic and wants it to have an rss feed. ::shrug:: Wrote a poll for the comic. Ronni sent me a bunch of editing comments on the book.
Tues., August 19:Walked to work, did Tuesday duties, did some storyboarding, and worked on Goodreads stuff. Day was uneventful and we did NOT get hit by a hurricane. Went to Jeaux's, watched Pat Condell on YouTube, ate at BJ's, and saw Tropic Thunder. Bought a new Eyeshield manga at the bookstore. Jeaux left and I read some of my handwritten Book 5 while eating popcorn and a popsicle. Fell asleep unexpectedly.
Wed., August 20:Worked and made evaluation packets. Placed supply orders. Straightened stuff up at home, chatted with Sarah, and took a nap. Then Dad came over and we ate at Mimi's. I had a HUGE grilled cheese sandwich that I only ate half of. Worked on applying editing comments and found some that made me go "huh??"
Thurs., August 21:Work was busy with proposal stuff. Got rained on on my way home. Worked on my book and napped. Tried out my new candles. Got phone calls from Jeremy who wanted to ramble about finishing my book today. He sent me a long e-mail full of comments. Called Avi. Worked on the book more.
Fri., August 22:Talked to Victor in the morning while drawing the comic. Went to work early (6:45!) and started putting résumés together for our proposal. Had a LOT of scrambling going on before proposals were ready, and of course after I had them ready someone realized they left something out and I had to replace pages for them. Meh. Went home and worked on the comic while listening to Ani DiFranco. Got annoyed that my drawing book seems to picture Caucasian people exclusively. Put up the comic with the poll.
Sat., August 23:Got up early but went back to bed immediately. Ha. Got up and applied poll results. Went shopping with Mikey and then went back to my computer. Did some cleaning and added a bunch to the Web page. Rob called and I made vegan cookies while talking to him. They kinda burned because the carob leaked. Made a Negative One animated gif to use as an ad.
Week 5
Sun., August 24:Got up, did laundry, and tried to get rid of the burned carob smell in the house. Avi called and came over. We ate at J.J. Ching's and browsed at Borders and then hung out at my house talking for the next six hours. Yay for new friends from online. After he left I played on OKC and Goodreads and went to bed.
Mon., August 25:Didn't wanna get UP! BOO! Went to work and was unmotivated. Internet went out and I had to spend part of the day whining to Verizon. I can't believe I played Minesweeper to kill time. I never do that. My boss came back and they didn't want him for jury duty, yay. Got to have my evaluation with my boss and it was good. After work I entered Coke caps in the Web site and designed a banner for my other ad for the comic, and other than that I mostly wasted my day.
Tues., August 26:Another busy day at work. Usual Tuesday reports, changes to a meeting, conference calls to set up, info gathering, résumé grubbing, invoice retrieving. Bleh. Went to Jeaux's and we ate at Sweet Tomatoes. Then we played tennis. After our showers we argued about rules of pronunciation that don't exist, and after he left I played online updating Goodreads.
Wed., August 27:Got up for work. Worked on a project by inserting pictures into a presentation and typing up qualitative assessment details. Dropped in at Publix and went home to eat sushi at my computer. Napped, got up, did some comic stuff, and tried to call my mom but couldn't get her.
Thurs., August 28:Wasn't tired despite lack of sleep. Worked and battled the presentation's appendix all day. My printer started acting weird. Shopped at Borders and Publix after work, then went home to act dumb over my comic. Talked to Rob while drawing. Made vegan vanilla cupcakes.
Fri., August 29:Produced pumpkin bread while on the phone with Victor. Washed dishes and my phone died while I was talking. Survived on coffee at work and did timesheets. Worked on my costume for a party. Spent the evening computering, doing Goodreads stuff, reading, updating, and making baked macaroni.
Sat., August 30:Mikey and I went grocery shopping, then we played tennis and I lost. We showered, met up again for baked macaroni and a movie, and then went home. I cleaned up, talked to Avi on the phone, messed with my page, and put on my Tank Girl costume. Avi came and picked me up for the vegetarian potluck and we chilled in his cool geometric house. I met a bunch of his friends and we had yummy food and my bread and cupcakes were well-received. Also got to play DDR and destroy the world!
Week 6
Sun., August 31:Went out like a light last night, so slept 'til about noon (except for one interruption from when Rob called at 8:45 like a butt and woke me up, but I didn't get up for that). Got up, played on the computer, invited my mom over to eat baked macaroni and talk, and then played DDR after she left. After the shower, I worked on applying edits for my book.