PhotoJournal Calendar: APRIL!

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The Explanations:

Week 1
Tues., April 1:April Fools' Day! I didn't play any pranks, but I did put rings on my ears. All day at work was spent cleaning up and preparing for the Great Carpet Replacement of 2008. Did that and my usual Tuesday duties, then Jeaux helped me drop off a lot of paper in the recycler and we went out to eat at Windy City. I ate a whole pizza. We didn't do anything else but hang out in my room while I fiddled with pictures and we watched some YouTube junk.
Wed., April 2: More preparation for THE RUGGING at work. Lots of evil for a proposal we were doing, also. Talked to Rob on the phone briefly, then ate at Sweet Tomatoes with Mikey as a celebration for finishing my book. Talked to Rob again while drawing. Ate a bunch of gumdrops.
Thurs., April 3:Had to deal with caution tape on my chair because one of my co-workers thought it would be funny to tape my chair; he's a couple days late for pranks, see? Stayed late, read V's story, went home, edited a bit, and took a nice nap and a shower. Called Kari and chatted, edited, and made a dumb Wicked video singing a YouTube duet with Colton. Learned to use my video editing software to make slideshows as a result.
Fri., April 4: Finished the comic early in the morning because of later plans. Did timesheets and proposal tasks at work, and did more packing for the carpet replacement. Called Dad for his birthday. Cleaned up apartment. Friends came over to pick me up for Five Guys food and Avenue Q. The musical was great. When I returned I just went to sleep.
Sat., April 5: Grocery shopped with Mikey and forgot my coupon. Did some checkbook balancing and relaxed a while. Went with Meggie for bridal dress shopping. She looked pretty in many of the dresses but did not appear to enjoy the outing. We didn't end up picking one. Picked up Brendon and Benny and went to eat at Beef O' Brady's, then went to my place but I was sleepy so we decided to end the hanging out. Snoozed a lot and didn't get much editing done. Ate a leftover cookie when I woke up.
Week 2
Sun., April 6: Worked on my book in the morning, and played tennis with Mikey. Did laundry after my shower, snoozed, and got more editing done. Sent my manuscript to my test audience!!! Chatted on IMs and then got phone calls from Kevin, Rob, and Phil. Cleaned, washed dishes, and drew while on the phone.
Mon., April 7: New carpet at the office smells horrible. Got my stuff unpacked and began the arduous task of unpacking the rest of the office. Went to Borders and met Rob, drew some Negative One, and ate at Mimi's with him. Chilled at my place and listened to some of his compositions. Read a bit and got some nice comments on my book. Meggie was the first to finish and said it was good.
Tues., April 8: Had to hurry to get a proposal ready at work. Did usual Tuesday stuff. Met Kevin at the bookstore and we ate at Applebee's and hung out all night at my place. Worked on my editing and fell asleep early due to exhaustion.
Wed., April 9: Unpacked at work all day long. We interviewed a new guy. Took a nap at home, got up, answered mail, and worked on my readers' suggestions for the book. Cleaned up my bathtub. Talked to Rob on the phone.
Thurs., April 10: More unpacking and answering e-mail at work. Walked to Jeaux's, ate at Perkins, and went to my place to nap. Went downtown to see the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Came back and did more editing for Finding Mulligan based on comments others made.
Fri., April 11: Didn't talk to Victor this week 'cause he was sick. Got run over by Friday duties at work. Shopped at Lowe's, Borders, and Fresh Market after work. Listened to music while drawing the comic. Posted comic, chatted in IMs, and watched YouTube stuff. Talked to Grandma and Grandpa on the phone.
Sat., April 12: Got up early talking to Victor. Doodled a picture. Slept some more, got up, and went to the store with Mikey. Took like an eight-hour nap. Got up and worked on the Ivy drawing some more.
Week 3
Sun., April 13: It rained and I was tired so Mikey and I didn't play tennis, but he made me the dumpling thing I like and I ate it. Did laundry, cleaned my bathroom, and chatted with Kari on the phone while cleaning. Worked on the THTIB part of my writing site, but ran out of steam before finishing.
Mon., April 14:Got distracted from doing real work at work because of Jessie's Finding Mulligan comments. Did some filing, answered some e-mail, and went home. Got cleaned up and played with my Web page more until Mike came over. We hung out all night and had the best time, though I didn't get much of my comic drawn. After he left Rob called so I drew more, and then Victor called me to say his house got broken into. Boo. Worked on Web page stuff and went to bed.
Tues., April 15: Worked on my site in the morning, then went to work. My boss came back early. I cleaned up a couple people's offices and argued with people in e-mails. Went to Jeaux's and ate at Macaroni Grill for dinner. Discussed the movie Expelled with Jeaux and had a good laugh. Played tennis and beat Jeaux.
Wed., April 16: Frustrating day. Whined in private LJ posts all day. Shopped at Borders after work. Caught a nap, played a mini-game of tennis with Mikey, showered, and cleaned my bedroom and kitchen. Chatted with Robin, Dad, and Sarah during cleaning. Was disappointed about not getting to the editing.
Thurs., April 17: Expense report madness at work. Went to Borders after work, and Abby's and Publix. Went home and fell asleep right on the floor. Got up, cleaned a little more, and prepared for having visitors on the coming weekend. Decided not to go to bed and worked on the comic. Victor called while I finished the comic and made a cake. The cake was horrible. Washed dishes and uploaded pictures.
Fri., April 18: Didn't sleep despite having no rest the day before. Drank a lot of coffee. Did Friday stuff at work, got most of the way through my editing. Shopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Borders, and Fresh Market. Came home and Mom wasn't there even though she'd said she was gonna be. Eventually she showed up, took a shower, and we went to Bennigan's to celebrate Matt's birthday. Got home and had to scramble to finish the comic on time.
Sat., April 19: Got up very early and scrambled in the kitchen to make the last few menu items for our family's Passover dinner. The apartment people came and fixed the A/C, thank goodness. Relatives arrived. I gave the tour and we sat around talking. Finally we set up and Grandpa did a nice job leading the storytelling and singing. We ate our meal and I inherited a family heirloom! Dad and Connie stayed later to help me clean up and we all had coffee. After they left I went to sleep.
Week 4
Sun., April 20: Got up, went shopping with Mikey, and decided not to play tennis 'cause I was tired. After unpacking my stuff I went to sleep again. Snoozed off and on all day in between finishing my editing, doing laundry, sending the story to P and Dad and Jeaux, and writing dumb e-mails. Fixed some Web page glitches and worked on the Bad Fairy section.
Mon., April 21: Mondays suck. Worked on my book and e-mail. Called my mom. Went home, snoozed, and played tennis with Mikey. Showered and called Fred for his birthday. Washed dishes and cleaned. Read some comments from Finding Mulligan readers and went to sleep.
Tues., April 22: Happy Earth Day! Walked to work and dealt with stuff that's being built in Mexico. Addressed book comments. Walked to Jeaux's and ate at Mama's Pizza. Went to Staples and then just hung out at my place after work. Fell asleep early.
Wed., April 23: Made calls, resized documents, and adjusted budgets for my boss. Happy Administrative Professionals' Day! Worked on edits and responses for my book again. Grocery shopped, put away groceries, and played a mini-game of tennis with Mikey again. Showered, dug into my manuscript again, and took a break when Rob called. Felt like a slacker for some reason.
Thurs., April 24: Wasted too much time reading at work and not doing enough productive stuff. Wrote the comic storyboard finally. Bought a book at Borders and slept once I got home. When I woke up I thought it was morning! It wasn't. I wasted more time on the 'Net and played with my piano (accomplishing nothing), and drew part of a picture for Finding Mulligan's entry on my site.
Fri., April 25: Frustrating, unfulfilling, and slightly painful day. Went to work on 2 hours of sleep and got through the day in a yellow haze. My bike fell on me twice while I was locking it. Cut my hand and bruised my legs because of that. Internet was dead at the office. Spent 2 hours trying to fix the Internet and it turned out it was the server freezing. :P Things calmed down after we restarted and everything was restored. Froze to death and put my blanky on. Drew for the comic and got lots of phone calls. Finally finished the comic and went to sleep.
Sat., April 26: Got up early and cleaned the apartment. Played on the computer and doodled until Mikey was ready to go out. Went to Staples with him, where he almost killed a guy in the parking lot because he didn't like the way he was driving. Bought a backpack at Staples. Went to the bookstore and Publix. Took a nap, printed my book out while drawing, and then biked out to make a copy. Biked to my mom's and dropped off one copy, then got lost on the way home so I had to bike in the dark. Worked on my Mulligan doodle.
Week 5
Sun., April 27: Got up when I felt like it and finished my Mulligan doodle. Played tennis with Mikey. Showered, did laundry, and worked on my Web page. Got the Long Fiction Page basically done. Rob came over to use my computer and I gave him the other copy of my book. P called and we chatted briefly. Fell asleep on the floor after Rob left.
Mon., April 28: Went to work and worked on comment gathering all day. Printed design standards updates. Went home and fell asleep and thought it was morning again when I woke up. Worked on the fanfiction part of my site until my sis called again. Chatted for a long time, mostly about my book because she finished reading. Got off the phone, ate a fake hot dog, and went to sleep.
Tues., April 29: Walked to work, did Tuesday work stuff, answered a few mails, and worked on more comment-gathering. Walked to Jeaux's, went home to change, and ate at Sweet Tomatoes. Bought a new wall thing at Bed, Bath & Beyond. We talked about 'Net stories but Jeaux kept falling asleep repeatedly so I left him alone and worked on my site instead. When he got up we wanted to play tennis but couldn't because other residents were hogging the court. They didn't get off all night, so we tried to go to his place to use his courts but the lights weren't working! So I got pissed off and just went home and put up my new wall ornament and went to sleep.
Wed., April 30: Productive day. Had to stay late at work to finish compiling a database, and sat in on a review meeting. Went home and attacked my Beltane baking; I made a pie, a loaf of maple bread, and a snake cake in preparation for May Day.