Ben's preschool years!

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[?]beltboy1.jpg: Look at this heavyweight champion!

[?]beltboy2.jpg: All right, so he's not that heavy.

[?]chocolatedevil.jpg: The boy likes his chocolate.

[?]frogwater.jpg: The froggie in the pool.

[?]frogwater2.jpg: He likes the water.

[?]buckethead.jpg: Rare photo of Benjamin standing still. With a bucket on his head.

[?]dramaboy.jpg: Can you say drama?

[?]dramaboy2.jpg: Lookit me sideways!

[?]dramaboy3.jpg: What about now?

[?]dramaboy4.jpg: Don't look away. I'm still cute when you're not looking.

[?]dramaboy5.jpg: Nyaah, I'm gonna go make a mess!

[?]monkeyattacked.jpg: Katelyn gets attacked by her little brother a lot.

[?]monkeyholdingben.jpg: She doesn't mind picking him up even if he attacks her.

[?]babiesnolonger.jpg: They sure grow up fast.

[?]marioben.jpg: Ben received Mario costume stuff from Victor for his birthday. He was quite excited.

[?]benmustache.jpg: Sometimes he'll wear the mustache without the hat.

[?]benmustache2.jpg: You can tell he knows how to be a ham.

Here are a series of photos of Benjamin from when we all went to Disney World in July of 2011:

[?] After everyone got to the Disney hotel, Benjamin quickly began attacking Katelyn.

[?] Benny, Mommy, and Mommy's mommy.

[?] But you see, sometimes it is Naked Time for Benjamin.

[?] Actually, most times are Naked Time.

[?] Ben's enjoying a show in EPCOT!

[?] You'd think from this photo that Benjamin is just sweet as sugar all the time as he cuddles with his grandmommy, eh?

[?] Would you look at that! Meghan, daughter Katelyn, and son Benjamin.

[?] Here I am with them, wearing a tutu.

[?] Meg takes photos on the Living with the Land boat tour. Benjamin looks at me.

[?] Ben was enthusiastic about the sea life.

[?] Benny is certainly enjoying his Mickey chocolate ice cream.

[?] Ice cream usually keeps squirts happy.

[?] Okay, so, at first Benjamin was cautious about playing with the jetting water.

[?] He quickly got very attached to the spouts.

[?] Oh yes, he was enjoying himself.

[?] Enjoying himself a LOT.

[?] Who knew jets of water shooting up from the ground could be so fun?

[?] Water's especially fun when it shoots higher than your head. But then he didn't want to leave and he had a huge tantrum, and was literally carried from the scene kicking and yelling. ::sigh::

[?] Wet little boys who have tantrums get not one but two lollipops. (A shopkeeper gave them to him for free because she thought it might help stop the meltdown he was having, and of course he wanted to open both.)

[?] Benny is having fun spraying Mommy.

[?] Why so sulky, Benny? We got your pretzels!

[?] Katelyn attempted to cheer her brother up.

[?] Hanging your brother upside-down is usually effective for inspiring cheer.

[?] That's right, you unholy terror! Get hung upside down for your crimes! . . . Aw, crap, you like being upside down?

[?] Ben's ready to go. Seriously, Benjamin, stop opening and shutting the lock. . . .

[?] Benjamin observing Katelyn's birthday cheesecake.