Meghan and I took a birthday trip to Cape Coral!

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[?]bothpizza.jpg: We had our first dinner at this cool pizza place. We shared a mushroom pizza.

[?]mpizza.jpg: Meg's pizza.

[?]jpizza.jpg: My pizza.

[?]birthdaysweatpants.jpg: At the rental place, I changed into sweatpants in preparation for ringing my birthday in in style.

[?]coolcouch.jpg: Here I am on the couch of the rental place. It was a nice big couch.

[?]wegotwine.jpg: The owner of the place left us wine. We didn't drink it.

[?]coolshades.jpg: I felt quite pink this day.

[?]neeeeeerd.jpg: Meg had schoolwork and was taking a test. She got 100%. NERD.

[?]sillyselfie.jpg: The vacation was about togetherness, not about any huge events. We hung out together, talked, watched movies, and ate our favorite things. Lots of relaxing. Good for mental health!

[?]cookingbattle.jpg: Ferocious kitchen wenches. We made some delightful dishes such as baked cauliflower, baked macaroni, and baked potatoes. Also 7UP cake and cookies.

[?]mrice.jpg: We went to a Japanese restaurant and Meggie was eating her rice.

[?]jrice.jpg: My rice.

[?]bookofmormon.jpg: And we got to see this musical. ;)

Until next year, beautifuls!