Ben's elementary school years!

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[?]kindergarten.jpg: Big boy going to school!

Here are some pics of Ben being "big trouble" and having fun one day.

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And here are some of him playing baseball.

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Here's Benjamin at Disney, May 2013!

[?]benwearshoes.jpg: Katelyn was helping him put his shoes on for dinner.

[?]benhugthatmom.jpg: He's hugging his mommy outside the restaurant.

[?]benbrendoncheckers.jpg: Benjamin's playing checkers with his daddy.

[?]familydindin.jpg: The family at Trail's end after a good Southern meal.

[?]megbennyonaboat.jpg: Meg and Benjamin on the boat for EPCOT!

[?]megbennykatieonaboat.jpg: On the boat with Mommy and older sister!

[?], [?]: Making silly faces with Aunt JuJu in the World Showcase Canada area.

[?]benatthefence.jpg: Standing by the fence, wondering when we were going to ever get him ice cream.

[?]bentelescope.jpg: Looking through the telescope!

[?]benjamindrums.jpg: Drum boy.

[?]bennysmickeyicecream.jpg: Finally, Mickey ice cream. About time!

[?]meandbenonaboat.jpg: On the boat with Aunt JuJu, going to the Magic Kingdom!

[?]pretzelfeast.jpg: Post-pretzels, the family discusses its next move.

[?]benoilcans.jpg: Ben was not 8 oil cans tall, so Daddy had to drive the speedway cars.

[?]bensoexcited.jpg: He's really jazzed about going on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride here.

[?]waitingforrollercoaster.jpg: Here we're waiting to get on Big Thunder Mountain.

[?]tofuttiwithben.jpg: Eating my Tofutti ice cream sandwich with Ben. (The remains of his ice cream are on his face.)

[?]coldonthebeach.jpg: Cold on the beach but warm with Mommy and big sister, waiting for fireworks.

[?]benandgrandmawaitforbus.jpg: Waiting for the bus to Animal Kingdom with Grandmommy.

[?]benanimalkingdom.jpg: Ben's standing at the Animal Kingdom entrance.

[?]benundercart.jpg: Chilling under a cart.

[?] [?] Eating his ice cream Dibs with his new toy dinosaur that he won.

Here's Ben wearing his Diego shirt, playing, sticking his tongue out, and being silly:

Here's Benny at Disney in November/December 2014: