These first ones are from when he was just born and in the hospital--I have a lot of these, but I mostly just chose the most picturesque ones and the ones he won't want to kill me for releasing when he gets older. :) Enjoy these!

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[?]newben1.jpg: Ben with his proud parents. Eight pounds, one ounce, born August 29, 2007.

[?]newben2.jpg: Tired and happy mommy Meggie, with the baby sucking his hand.

[?]newben3.jpg: "He's very pink. And he has a big tummy. You'd want to blow on it." That's how Katelyn described her new brother to me on the phone on the day he was born. Here she is holding him. It's a li'l blurry but you get the idea!

[?]newben4.jpg: Oh my gosh, it's a new daddy! (Well, and a new baby.) Brendon's a proud father of a squishy-faced bébé.

[?]newben5.jpg: Aww. Sweepin' with his widdle hat on.

[?]newben6.jpg: And he looks at the world! Beautiful eyes. I love the look on his face.

[?]newben7.jpg: His little mouth is opened up!

[?]newben8.jpg: In the little bed, looking like he's sunbathing or something! Haha!

[?]newben9.jpg: I love the squishface with his little hat.

[?]newben10.jpg: Everyone and their mom wants to hold him, of course.

[?]newben11.jpg: See? Everyone's got to get a turn. Pass the baby!

[?]newben12.jpg: Aww, he's so budgy. . . .

[?]newben13.jpg: Families are brought together by new babies.

[?]newben14.jpg: Sleeeepin!

[?]newben15.jpg: I know this one is blurry, but I really liked the look on his face!

[?]newben16.jpg: With the way Meggie's smiling here, you'd never guess she just had major surgery. And . . . BABY SO CUTE!!!

[?]newben17.jpg: A gorgeous new brother shot with Katelyn. Even though it's blurry, it's one of my favorites.

[?]newben18.jpg: I love this one too. Katie loves that kid with a vengeance!

[?]newben19.jpg: Everyone giggled over Ben's ears. They're all pointy. Elf Baby!

[?]newben20.jpg: Look at this sweetie. . . .

[?]newben21.jpg: Wow, you can really see how tiny he is.

[?]newben22.jpg: Such a cute shot of the siblings.

[?]babypic1.jpg: "No, it's MY turn for the baby."

[?]babypic2.jpg: "Srsly, you guys, it's MY TURN!"

[?]babypic9.jpg: . . . I think this is my favorite Benjamin/Katelyn shot.

Now the next ones are from when Ben was about three weeks old . . . and I got to meet him!

[?]sleepinbaby.jpg: There he is sleeping on my lap! This is the second time I met him, but it is my favorite one of us together so I posted it first. :)

[?]ivyholdsben.jpg: Okay, HERE's the first pictures of me holding him. All told, not the best picture of either of us, but you can tell I'm really happy about getting to hold him.

[?]ivysurpriseben.jpg: Doesn't it look like I surprised him or something?

[?]meggieholdsben.jpg: Meggie's turn. . . .

[?]brendonholdsben.jpg: Brendon's turn. . . .

[?]mbaby1.jpg: And Mikey wanted to get in on the baby action too!

[?]mbaby2.jpg: Heheh, Mikey loves babies.

[?]mbaby3.jpg: Awww, you can tell the kid has him melted.

[?]mbaby4.jpg: Soooo seeeepy. . . .

[?]mikeyholdsben.jpg: Such a sweet little face! Mikey looks happy!

[?]meggieben9-22-1.jpg: It's Mommy's turn to hold him. . . .

[?]meggieben9-22-2.jpg: Sometimes the baby just needs to go back to Mommy! That's a beautiful picture.

[?]baby1.jpg: Snoozing on a blanket on my living room floor.

[?]baby2.jpg: A closer-up picture of the snoozer.

[?]baby3.jpg: Aww, there's the cutest little profile.

[?]baby4.jpg: Doesn't he look so peaceful?

[?]baby6.jpg: "Hey Ben, you make me want to nap too!"

[?]baby5.jpg: I just had to touch his cute tummy.

[?]BabyBen065.jpg: I love lying on the floor with this kid!

[?]baby7.jpg: These are some really nice pictures of the kid. Mikey took them.

[?]sleepyben9-23-1.jpg: That kid is adorable all tuckered out. . . .

[?]sleepyben9-23-2.jpg: Lookit the big old head!

[?]holdbaby9-23.jpg: Oh! So happy to be able to hold him again!

[?]BabyBen063.jpg: All riiight, I get to sit next to Katelyn AND hold her brother! So happy.