These pictures are from later on in Benjamin's babyhood. Enjoy!

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These are from toward the end of October 2007.

[?]brenbenaww.jpg: Here he is all tuckered out on Daddy's chest. AWWW!

[?]bensprawl.jpg: Oh man! He looks like he wants a big hug! I want to pick him up!

[?]bensleepfootball.jpg: Here he is sleepin' in little football clothes. Cute!

[?]benmegfootball.jpg: Little baby, you look kinda moody! Need to burp? Hehehe . . . "You big people do not amuse me."

[?]benewok1.jpg: Look! He gets to wear his Ewok hat and bib! Jeez that's so adorable.

[?]hulakatieewokben.jpg: Katelyn was a hula girl for Halloween. Ben was wearing his Ewok clothes, but he doesn't seem too happy about the whole thing. I'm sure you'll love Halloween after you discover candy, sugar. :)

These are from Thanksgiving time 2007!

[?]armfulobaby1.jpg: This is me with the bébé! He's an armful!

[?]layinbaby1.jpg: Ben's just layin' around.

[?]layinbaby2.jpg: Ben's just layin' around some more.

[?]katieben1.jpg: Ben's just layin' around with his sister this time!

[?]lapbaby1.jpg: He's in Katelyn's lap. . . .

[?]lapbaby2.jpg: He's still lappin' around. :)

[?]layinbaby3.jpg: Aww, the cutie is layin'.

[?]layinbaby4.jpg: He almost looks surprised! Maybe he wants to know why there's so much flashing going on.

[?]mommyben1.jpg: Ooh, Meggie's playing with the baby.

[?]katieben2.jpg: Sister's squishin' him.

[?]brenben1.jpg: Daddy's bouncin' him on the knee . . . he looks all alert and interested.

[?]brenben2.jpg: Oh boy. The drooler.

[?]pizzaben1.jpg: Ben was on the table while we waited for pizza in a restaurant.

[?]pizzaben2.jpg: Ben is being nice and calm. Later that was not the case, though, and his dissatisfaction caused us to leave the pizza place and take our food home. :)

[?]brenpizza.jpg: Wow, look at the crust on this sucker!!!

[?]ivyben1.jpg: Ben and I have red-eye.

[?]ivyben2.jpg: What can I say, he makes me grin!

[?]ivyben3.jpg: Look at this bucket o' baby! I love him!

[?]katieben3.jpg: Katelyn danced with her brother!

[?]katieben4.jpg: Isn't he a great dance partner? Katelyn thinks so.

[?]katieben5.jpg: Woo, baby in the air!

[?]katieben6.jpg: Annnnd down for a kiss.

[?]mommyben2.jpg: Mommy is sitting with Ben . . . look at that, he can sit with support!

[?]bensits1.jpg: Look how nonchalant he is. :)

[?]mommyben3.jpg: Ben loves lying on his mommy. He's so comfy.

[?]mommyben4.jpg: Ben's looking at the camera sitting around with Mommy.

[?]ivybrenben.jpg: Here I am sitting with Daddy and Ben.

[?]lilbro.jpg: Here's the baby wearing his "I'm the Little Brother" shirt!

[?]neg1ben1.jpg: How exciting. Ben is modeling his Negative One outfit. (Negative One is my webcomic, folks.)

[?]neg1ben2.jpg: Oh, babies make great advertising posters.

[?]dimpleshowoff.jpg: He's really starting to SMILE and show off those dimples!

[?]daddywhy.jpg: Here Ben looks like he's saying, "Daddy, why are you taking my picture???"

[?]christmaslap3.jpg: This is blurry, but I like how he's positioned. :)

[?]benplush1.jpg: "Gahh, what kind of weird blue creature is that?"

[?]christmas07bigfam6.jpg: It was quite a big family gathering at Christmas 2007! People from Meggie's side and Brendon's side came together to celebrate. Ben is all the way on the right looking rather uninterested in being photographed.

[?]benitstummy1.jpg: It's tummy time for the drooly boy.

[?]benitstummy5.jpg: "You're kidding! And then she said what??"

[?]benitstummy6.jpg: "Oh, that's so funny I'm going to make a face like I just ate a lemon."

[?]squirmyben1.jpg: Here he is at my place, January 2008.

[?]standinben1.jpg: He can stand up if you help him!

[?]squirmyben2.jpg: He looks pretty relaxed in this photo, but he was squirmin'.

[?]squirmyben3.jpg: Lookit those arms and legs go!

[?]squirmyben4.jpg: I love how his face is stationary but his limbs are all moving around.

[?]bdaygroup1.jpg: We were having a joint birthday party (mine and Meg's) so the gang was all here.

[?]bdaygroup2.jpg: Ben can't have cake yet, but the rest of us enjoyed it.

[?]squirmyben5.jpg: Doesn't he look like he's having fun?

[?]benkissies.jpg: Awww, he looks not-too-happy. Mommy will cheer him up.

[?]squirmyben6.jpg: "Hmm, Daddy's hand is on my tummy. What does this mean?"

[?]squirmyben7.jpg: "What the heck are you lookin' at?"

[?]bennystroller.jpg: Here he is in his stroller when he got to go to the Renaissance Faire, February 2008.

[?]benback.jpg: Little Ben likes to show that he has geeky parents through his outfit choices.

[?]eatinfingers.jpg: Mmm, fingers! Very nutritious!

[?]bensit1.jpg: Look at that—he's sitting!

[?]bensitwk.jpg: Here his sister's keeping him company, cozy in the bed.

[?]ratwait.jpg: We went to the Renaissance Faire in Tampa. Here's everyone waiting for the Rat Catcher act to start.

[?]benprincess.jpg: Katelyn put her princess hair ornament on him. Cute!

[?]bensalldone2.jpg: Little Ben just finished lunch.

Here are some of Ben in his Chewy outfit:

[?]  [?]  [?]  [?]  [?]

[?]bobbyben.jpg: Everyone loves to put hats on the baby! Ben is wearing a bobby hat.

Meggie and Ben came to visit in May 2008 and here are the pictures. Ben is almost walking here!

[?]  [?] [?] [?] 

[?]babycrawl.jpg: Even though he can almost walk, he still likes crawling. . . .

[?]crawlingrin.jpg: As evidenced here!

[?]leanywalk.jpg: He also does this leany walk thing where he balances himself against furniture and shuffles along.

[?]cruiser.jpg: He is in the cruising business.

[?]happyfirefly.jpg: And he LOVES his firefly!

[?]pullonmom1.jpg: His FAVORITE thing to do at this time appears to be climbing people.

[?]pullonmom2.jpg: See? He likes to pull on Mommy.

[?]ticklebaby.jpg: Of course, WE have some favorite things to do to HIM, too--and one of them is tickling.

[?]tonguebaby.jpg: I also like to play around making silly faces with the baby. . . .

[?]squishbaby.jpg: And he is such fun to squish.

[?]thegoodies.jpg: Meggie and I managed to find time to bake, too. We made cookies and sorta chocolate chip cake stuff. Ben got to nibble on some chocolate chips here and there.

[?]sweetiebennie.jpg: Ben's making a cute face and stuff. He's so sweet.

[?]ssmileydimpleface.jpg: How can one baby contain so many cute faces?

[?]evilface.jpg: Well, this face is cute, but not exactly sweet. Hehehe. This is right after his Baptism ceremony, which has its own picture album.

[?]kissevilbaby.jpg: Big sister Katelyn doesn't care if he's evil. She's gonna kiss his sweet little face anyway.

[?]kissevilbaby2.jpg: "You'll get kissed and LIKE IT!"

[?]cheeriomonster.jpg: Here he is with his Cheerios.

[?]couchey.jpg: He's peekin' out from the side of the couch. . . .

[?]hidey.jpg: Is he trying to hide under there?

[?]hideynomore.jpg: Not anymore!

I gave him a cool toy as a present for his Baptism. Here are pictures of him enjoying it.

[?]  [?]  [?]  [?] 
[?]  [?]  [?]  [?] 

Fun! The family came for a visit and we celebrated Ben's sister Katelyn's tenth birthday. He's too young to know what's going on, but he seemed to have fun. :)

[?]k10bday1.jpg: His sister does enjoy horsing around with him. . . .

[?]k10bday2.jpg: More horsing.

[?]k10bday3.jpg: She likes to carry him around.

[?]k10bday4.jpg: Mommy's kissin' on his pudgy li'l cheek.

[?]k10bday5.jpg: Is he stand-uppable?

[?]k10bday6.jpg: Oh yeah, he likes it.

[?]k10bday7.jpg: It's so fun to be a little boy!

And now . . . dun-dun-DUN . . . Benjamin turns ONE YEAR OLD! And demolishes his cake. Observe.

[?]  [?]  [?]  [?]  [?]  [?] 
[?]  [?]  [?]  [?]  [?]  [?] 
[?]  [?]  [?]  [?]  [?]  [?] 
[?]  [?]  [?]  [?]  [?]  [?] 
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