Aww, baby pictures!

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Here are pictures of me as a baby . . . there are actually a lot more of these in the text and links of my life story, but here are a token few.

[?]talkamom.jpg: Having a serious conversation with Mommy.

[?]swa4.gif: Me being cute eating a banana.

[?]shoulder.jpg: Sitting on Daddy's shoulders!

[?]swank.jpg: Me as a small child . . . all right, I won't put up a fašade any longer. I was adorable.

[?]hicup.jpg: Me in my high chair with a cup.

[?]bonnet.jpg: I believe this was originally called "demon" as I look possessed in my little bonnet.

[?]helpwalk.jpg: I needed help walking.

[?]kidbkini.jpg: Me as a tiny gyrl with a skimpy bikini on. Ain't I sexy??

[?]kidbun.jpg: Me with my hair in a big bun.

[?]kidcolor.jpg: Me coloring.

[?]kidylah.jpg: Me sticking out my tongue like something possessed.

[?]babyju.jpg: I have no idea what I was doing but it was cute.

[?]holdstil.jpg: Me and my sister trying to get a good picture taken.

[?]kidtroll.jpg: I swear I look like a troll here.

[?]newbaby.jpg: My mom and dad with me when I was just born.

[?]ohreally.jpg: Me and my sister listening attentively to some relative of ours . . . ?

[?]macbaby.jpg: Me playing in the strings of my mother's macrame.

[?]simon.jpg: That's me playing the game Simon, at a very young age.