My pictures from AWA 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia!

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[?]starglas.jpg: Here's me at the convention wearing my star-shaped sunglasses!

[?]animevan.jpg: Here's me with a giant anime van that I guess belonged to one of the companies.

[?]lotanime.jpg: Look how much anime stuff there was to buy! There were like a bunch of stands like this all over the place, two rooms of anime stuff to purchase!

Here's the costume pics of me and some people I met there.

[?]con1.jpg: This is me dressed as a blonde Washu (my wig didn't work out), with two girls dressed as Ayeka and Ryoko from the same anime I was "from": Tenchi Muyo! (Interestingly enough, they turned out to be friends of a friend I made several years later, and we attended another con together!)

[?]washu.jpg: Here you can see all of my costume as I was walking around the convention. The little dolls on my shoulders are supposed to be robots of the character that stand on her shoulders and cheer her on. Everyone recognized what my costume was despite my lack of a big pink wig because of these little guys. ;)

[?]tenchee.jpg: And speaking of which, here's a guy who came dressed as Tenchi. The picture kinda sucks so you can't see that there's a Ryo-Ohki stuffed animal in his bag.

[?]lime.jpg: Here's a chick with a VERY cool Lime costume (from Saber Marionette J). I wish my camera didn't suck when I took this, it was really cute.

[?]jupiter.jpg: This is a nice girl who was dressed as Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon. She looked great. :)