Here are some of my favorite photos of 2010! (Some are redundant from other pages, and others appear here only.) These are displayed with the newest on top.

Click on the thumbnail or the words to see a large image.

[?]2010giftsjessica.jpg: Me with the present Jessica got me: A giant stuffed Cthulhu. December 31, 2010.

[?]icecreamtree.jpg: My mom and my sister and me having ice cream in front of a big public Christmas tree in San Francisco. December 4, 2010.

[?]breakfast3.jpg: My mom and my sister and me having breakfast in San Francisco. December 2, 2010.

[?]beautifuleric.jpg: Eric as a costume accessory thief on Halloween. October 31, 2010.

[?]mommycostume.jpg: Mommy's fancy costume on Halloween. October 31, 2010.

[?]peejaybeach.jpg: Hanging out with my sister by a beach in San Francisco. October 16, 2010.

[?]tiarakids2.jpg: Mandy's musical theatre party: me, Gary, Doug, and Aaron. October 2, 2010.

[?]kitchenshot4.jpg: Mandy's housewarming party guests. August 28, 2010.

[?]spankings3.jpg: Mandy is spanking Amanda with a frying pan. August 28, 2010.

[?]manycereal7.jpg: I have a lot of Cheerios. August 15, 2010.

[?]bustrip4.jpg: Riding on the bus, going to a mall in Bradenton. August 10, 2010.

[?]pizzafriends2.jpg: I made homemade pizza and served it to friends. August 10, 2010.

[?]bigcookie.jpg: I baked a gigantic chocolate chip cookie. August 9, 2010.

[?]benfootball2.jpg: Cutie Benjamin trying to handle a wet football. August 8, 2010.

[?]oceanbikini1.jpg: Trying out my new bathing suit in the ocean. August 8, 2010.

[?]bakinggirls.jpg: Three baking ladies: me with Katelyn and Meghan. August 6, 2010.

[?]waterguns2.jpg: Ben and his daddy Brendon are trying to shoot each other with water guns. August 6, 2010.

[?]benwinks.jpg: Little Benjamin, with his chocolate milk and his truck, winking. August 5, 2010.

[?]gianttuna.jpg: Shopping in BJ's, I found a really big tuna can. August 5, 2010.

[?]greenwitch1.jpg: Me with a cool hat on. July 16, 2010.

[?]3girlsrestaurant2.jpg: Jessie, Cara, and me at an Asian fusion restaurant where we'd just eaten. June 5, 2010.

[?]ivyjessiecouch2.jpg: Me with Jessie in her Ann Arbor apartment. June 4, 2010.

[?]momandpork.jpg: My mom with Lindsay's doggie, Pork Chop. May 9, 2010.

[?]newpiecefancy2.jpg: I'm wearing a new garment I bought at the Renaissance Faire. February 21, 2010.

[?]5am.jpg: Me in my star pants and bear hat at 5 AM. February 17, 2010.

[?]burpday32.jpg: Happy birthday, me! January 17, 2010.

[?]elisame4.jpg: Me with my Aunt Elisa in a hotel, about to go enjoy brunch with Grandma. January 3, 2010.