Here are some of my favorite photos of 2007! (Some are redundant from other pages, and others appear here only.) These are displayed with the newest on top.

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[?]mongolians4.jpg: During the Fred Visit of December 2007, we took a short road trip to meet these friends at a Mongolian grill place. Here's Fred, Billy, Kit, Anita, Jef, and ME!

[?]mommyben4.jpg: Ben is getting shown off by mommy Meggie. Thanksgiving 2007.

[?]armfulobaby1.jpg: Me with baby Ben, Thanksgiving 2007.

[?]jaybob071.jpg: Mikey and me, dressed as Jay and Silent Bob for Halloween, 2007.

[?]pumpkinshirt.jpg: A nice new Halloween tee shirt. October 2007.

[?]BabyBen063.jpg: I get to sit next to Katelyn AND hold her brother! So happy. September 2007.

[?]spideyivy.jpg: Here's me in front of Emerald City, a cool comic shop in St. Petersburg. September 2007.

[?]starsweater4.jpg: I bought this sweater while on vacation. Rare shot of me wearing glasses! September 2007.

[?]newben6.jpg: My friends Meggie and Brendon just had a new baby boy. This is Benjamin. August 2007.

[?]ivytenniswin2.jpg: Here is me on the tennis court, having won a game against Mikey. August 2007.

[?]mikeytennis1.jpg: Here's Mikey, holding a tennis ball on the court. August 2007.

[?]swankytennis1.jpg: Me on the court in my tennis skirt. August 2007.

[?]2coolbooks.jpg: Me with The Chicago Manual of Style and a Stephen Hawking book, both of which I'd just bought. July 2007.

[?]hungershirt2.jpg: I'm wearing a new shirt I got at TheHungerSite.com . July 2007.

[?]killthem.jpg: Me with some Eyeshield 21 comics. June 2007.

[?]gni2.jpg: Mike and me in his room hangin' out. May 2007.

[?]seieat2.jpg: Mikey and me eating seitan stew that I made. May 2007.

[?]neg1cup.jpg: Here's me at work holding my Negative One coffee cup. April 2007.

[?]kheels.jpg: Katelyn showing off her high-heeled shoes. April 2007.

[?]2sanng.jpg: Katelyn and me singing in a karaoke room. April 2007.

[?]ribenjoy.jpg: Me and Fred at Sonny's, with Fred enjoying his ribs. April 2007.

[?]songrup2.jpg: Here's Fred, me, Meggie, and Brendon at Sonny's having dinner. April 2007.

[?]doofaces.jpg: Me and Katelyn being silly in the car. April 2007.

[?]blondeez.jpg: Me, Meggie, and Katelyn outside their apartment complex. April 2007.

[?]dgirls.jpg: The family girls posed before dinner. April 2007.

[?]db4din.jpg: Here's Yusuke, Patricia, Lindsay, Mom, and me about to have dinner. April 2007.

[?]scritch.jpg: Fred at my mom's house, scratching Lindsay's doggie. April 2007.

[?]eatpeac2.jpg: Me, my sister, Yusuke, my dad, and my grandparents eating at Peach's for breakfast. April 2007.

[?]ypbeach.jpg: Patricia and Yusuke watching a Sarasota sunset. April 2007.

[?]sitwater.jpg: Patricia and Yusuke by the water on the New College campus. April 2007.

[?]cupsnug.jpg: Patricia and Yusuke at my grandparents' house. April 2007.

[?]wearshr.jpg: Me wearing my Negative One shirt. April 2007.

[?]318j5.jpg: Here's a full-body view of my faire outfit. Cute, eh? March 2007.

[?]0318j3.jpg: Faire outfit, close-up. March 2007.

[?]b4spam.jpg: Here's Jeaux, Meggie, and Brendon at dinner before we went to see Spamalot. February 2007.

[?]twists2.jpg: Here's some cool hair thingies I bought at the faire. January 2007.

[?]purpshr6.jpg: Me wearing a cool purple shirt I got at the faire. January 2007.

[?]medidres.jpg: Here's what I wore to the faire. January 2007.

[?]mdagger.jpg: Mikey in his Renaissance clothes at the faire. January 2007.

[?]mpup2.jpg: Mikey at Robbie's house holding a little rambunctious puppy. January 2007.

[?]aamikey3.jpg: Mikey with a tank. January 2007.

[?]pigeat1.jpg: I was being a pig at Farah's, eating a falafel burger and french fries. January 2007.

[?]pigeat2.jpg: Done eating like a pig. January 2007.

[?]joelibs1.jpg: On New Year's, we did Mad Libs for a bunch of the night (and of course they were filthy). Here's Jeaux Libbing. New Year's 2007.

[?]foodinj1.jpg: Jeaux eating my mom's meatballs. New Year's 2007.

[?]selfdork.jpg: Me taking my own picture at my mom's. New Year's 2007.

[?]07mikey2.jpg: Mikey at my mom's, giving a weird face. New Year's 2007.