I like to create harmony parts for songs and have been doing so since I was a little kid. Every track here features the original artist's recording with an original harmony track sung by me laid over it. Mine is generally the higher voice. Browse by original artist; click a song title to listen. Suggest a song here!

Original ArtistSong TitleNotes
Tori Amos "Baker Baker"Clip only.
Tori Amos "China"Clip only.
Blackmore's Night "Ghost of a Rose"Clip only.
Freezepop "Here Comes a Special Boy"Clip only.
Frente! "Labour of Love"Clip only.
Missy Higgins "Night Minds"Clip only.
Indigo Girls "Blood and Fire"Clip only.
Lunar "Wind's Nocturne"Full performance; You can also see a video with the original video compared with my performance here, on YouTube.
Madonna "I'll Remember"Clip only.
Madonna "Promise to Try"Clip only.
Loreena McKennitt "Full Circle"Clip only.
Sarah McLachlan "Ice Cream"Clip only.
Suzanne Vega "Knight Moves"Clip only.
Suzanne Vega "The Queen and the Soldier"Clip only.
Suzanne Vega "The World Before Columbus"Clip only.

You will be able to see quite a few more if you check out the video collection elsewhere on the singing page.


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