Character Sketches - Short Stories

This page is for short story characters. Click on the thumbnails to see the drawings, and follow links in the descriptions if you'd like to read the short stories they're from.


This is a concept sketch from the short story "Aquarius." The shorter character in the front is Becks and the taller character in the back is Austin. They're a cool queer couple on their way to the stars. Becks has mixed feelings.

Bad Fairy

This is a concept sketch from the short story "Bad Fairy." The front character is Delia with a crystal ball. In the background you see the royal couple with their baby, a version of her disguised self (Nova) with her back turned, the prince and the princess, and in the distance you see three fairies who are her main enemies--Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Please note that the short story is the earliest writing, and I later wrote a novel named Bad Fairy, which is different.


This is a concept sketch from the short story "Bloom." The front characters are Kamber and her grandmother. Kamber is holding a paper rose. A real rose next to her represents her blooming, or growing up. The figure in the background is also Kamber, as she stretches her arms above her head in an imitation of a tree. Other symbols that figure heavily in the story are placed around in the background: a dancer doll, a bird, some butterflies, and a candle. This is a very old drawing.


This is a character sketch of Megan from the short story "Brady." She's a rebellious young lady who tries to be scary because it's easier to drive people away than depend on their attention. The short story is about her journey toward opening up to a popular boy in her class even though they're from different worlds.

Her Mother's Child

This is a concept sketch from the short story "Her Mother's Child." It's just half of Iris's face as she might have looked on the night of her sunday.


This is a concept sketch from the short story "Moonlight." The pictured character doesn't think of herself as having a name, but others refer to her as a name they kinda pinned on her in the course of the story: Elizabeth. This is her in her home--an underground cave--seeing the moon shining through a new opening after an earthquake. The moon scares her but she can't help but look at it.

On the Inside

This is an initial protagonist character sketch from the short story "On the Inside." Lihill is about eight years old here, and already pretty dang serious looking.
Here is Lihill on her tenth birthday, having been subjected to a parent-enforced terrible haircut. She's holding a walking stick that's one of her dance props for an Air audition. She does not want to be there. Can you tell?
Here is a happy scene of Lihill playing house with little sister Cyani and best friend Mymei. The older kids are age six here. Sadly Lihill's dad ruined this scene shortly afterwards by getting annoyed that Lihill was playing with girls.

Protector Cat

This is a concept sketch from the short story "Protector Cat." The character pictured is Cat, who has a weird memory problem and can't seem to remember how he hurt his hand. That's a recurring theme in the story.


This is a character sketch of Windy from the short story "Wind." It's just a portrait of Windy the fairy with her famous smile and messy hair.
This is the same sketch from above except that there are three of her in various tinted colors, just for fun.
Here is Windy again, doing what a Christmas fairy does best: making cookies. This was drawn for the cover of a homemade print-out book of the novella, which I gave to some friends for the Yule season in 2007. It didn't come out how I wanted, but I was short on time.
Copic marker full-body doodle of Windy.


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