Geek Code!

If you've never heard of a Geek Code before and you want it fully explained, you should go to the Geek Code Page by Robert A. Hayden. That said, here is my geek code:

Version: 3.12
GTW/MU/ED d-(d--) s--:- a+ C++(+++) U? P L E? W++ N o? K? w+ O? M V? PS+ PE-(?) Y PGP- t+ 5? X>(X+) R? tv--@ b+ DI-- D? G e++ h !r x-

I'm probably not "supposed" to translate it, but I will do so because I want to and I'm a dork. Here's what it all means:

G: I'm a geek.

TW/MU/ED: I'm a Technical Writing/Music/Education geek.

d-(d--): I usually just wear jeans and a T-shirt (not a spruced-up sort of geek), and sometimes my T-shirts say geeky things on them.

s--:- : My size is very short and a little on the thin side.

a+: I'm in the 40-49 age range.

C++(+++): I am extremely attached to my computer . . . sometimes obsessively so.

U?: I have no idea about Unix.

P: I have heard of Perl but know nothing about it.

L?: I know what Linux is and that's it.

E?: I have no idea about Emacs.

W++: I am a Web page queen but not exactly an expert.

N: I have read newsgroups on USENET, but I generally don't now.

o?: I have no idea about the USENET oracle.

K?: I have no idea about Kibo.

w+: I use Windows well; my computer's all customized and cool and I like it that way.

O?: I have no idea about OS/2.

M: I can use a Mac but I don't really care about them.

V?: I have no idea about VMS.

PS+: My political views include the opinion that no one really needs to be telling anyone else what to do. I lean liberal.

PE-(?): On political and economic issues, I lean toward the government being "evil" but most of the time I have very little knowledge about it.

Y: I'm indifferent on the cypherpunk issue.

PGP-: I don't really give a crap about encryption on the Internet because I don't have anything I'm hiding from anyone.

t+: I approve of Star Trek and enjoy it.

5?: I have never watched Babylon 5 and know nothing about it.

X>(X+): X-files. I haven't seen enough of it to really have much of an opinion on it, but on the recommendations from my friends, I'd like to be a little more into it, if I had the time.

R?: I have never role-played and don't know anything much about it.

tv--@: I watch almost no television, but that varies occasionally when people tempt me into watching marathons or movies with them that just happen to be on.

b+: I like to read but I don't do it that often.

DI--: I don't read Dilbert. It seems like it would be amusing.

D?: I've never played Doom and have no idea about it.

G: I know what the geek code is and have used it.

e++: I'm bachelor's degreed.

h: I have friends over once in a while to my place and we do our geeky activities together.

!r: What I mean by this is that I refuse to participate in relationships, but I've also never had a relationship that I really consider the same as other people's . . . I've had two boyfriends, but not for the reasons most people have boyfriends.

x-: I am a female and I abstain from sex by choice.

That's the end!


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