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This is a list of the books I've read in 2021, with a few of my thoughts on each.

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10/11/21 Luigi Pirandello
Six Characters in Search of an Author and Other Plays
Pretty interesting series of stories where characters are presenting themselves in odd ways--in one case, it's characters who don't exist outside of their story and want it to be told; in one case, it's a man who thinks he's a monarch after a head injury and his loved ones play along; and in one case it's a man, a woman, and a mother who all tell the neighbors different stories about their family's peculiarities.
5/11/21 Barry Deutsch
How Mirka Met a Meteorite
Lovely to see these expressive drawings about an Orthodox Jewish girl having her adventures. I loved reading about her and really enjoyed how relatable some of these situations were even though I've never met trolls or had to deal with my doppelganger.
4/26/21 Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera
What If It's Us
I'm happy that someone wrote a queer romance that takes relationships beyond the central relationship seriously! Both of the romantic leads had friends and some of the relationships were messy, which was refreshing. And the effect pop culture has on how people meet and fall in love was really realistic here, along with the use of social media and online life. There were plenty of romantic tropes but I loved how they were used anyway, and the writing was lovely.
4/6/21 Kiley Reid
Such a Fun Age
Really enjoyed seeing these ultra-specific, nuanced situations that a black nanny got into while working for a white woman and dating a white guy. Some of the racism was very straightforward but most of it was more subtle, and perpetrated by people who notably do not think they are racist and believe themselves to be allies. I liked the protagonist and wanted her to find satisfaction.
2/28/21 Allie Brosh
Solutions and Other Problems
Allie's second book after Hyperbole and a Half and I love this one too. Kind of darker and decidedly weirder in some places. Loved it.
2/18/21 Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor
The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home
Night Vale novel #3! It was a great, creepy, tender origin story of the objectively better mayoral candidate.
1/5/21 Taylor Robin & S.M. Mara
Cherished Memories
It's the last trade paperback compilation of Steven Universe comics! Makes me sad. Four last stories in the ongoing comic series from 33 to 36. My favorite in this group was 33.
1/1/21 Markus Zusak
The Book Thief
This heartbreaking but inspiring story of a young girl living in Nazi Germany was really incredible. I loved the main character's way of looking at the world, and the compassion she felt for the Jewish man they were hiding in their basement, and how the story handled the protagonist being a helper of the oppressed in small meaningful ways without having to make her a big showy hero before she mattered. Her relationships were all so authentic, and I loved how book thievery was used as a vehicle for opening this girl's world.


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