Recently Read Books!

This is a list of the books I've read this year, with a few of my thoughts on each.

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3/17/17 Carl Hiaasen
Another story surrounding a missing person mystery and an endangered species. The usual Hiaasen stuff, for kids! It was a good read.
3/8/17 Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko
Avatar: The Search, Part 3
And they've wrapped up what happened to Zuko's mom! I'm satisfied honestly, and really there was quite a lot of nuance here. Art is great as usual. I'm so happy with this one.
3/4/17 Natalka Burian
Welcome to the Slipstream
One of my Pitch Wars mentees wrote a book and I got a mention in the acknowledgments and my own advance reader copy! It was an excellent book about a teenage girl with a mentally ill mom she has to try to protect while also trying to live her life and play her guitar. With lots of weirdness at the end. Whee!
3/2/17 Alison Bechdel
Dykes to Watch Out For
Great graphic novel compilation of this long-running script featuring a large cast of (mostly) lesbian friends and lovers.
2/5/17 Christopher Moore
As usual, Moore's absurdist work is a delight. A guy studies whale songs and ends up stumbling into information those connected with the whales don't want him to know. . . .
1/19/17 Ann Brashares
The Here and Now
I really loved this one--even though I wouldn't say I'm a romance fan or a time travel fan. I love Brashares's very specific, sometimes contradictory way of writing characters' feelings.


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