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Thanks for stopping by. This is a very simple site dedicated to the glorious Sandman "comics" by Neil Gaiman. I say "comics" in quotations because they are not very funny (usually), and also because these works contain more emotional and intellectual beauty than is usually attributed to the stories of "comics." I dedicate this site entirely to the storyline of Sandman; in doing this I do not mean to disregard the stunning character development or the wonderful art, but to simply sum up and emphasize the most amazing aspect of these works: The story of the big dream itself. For information on the characters and artwork, there are plenty of other sites that have tackled this without me displaying it on my page; you can find some of them through the connections at the bottom of the page.


As background for those less familiar with this series, The Sandman was released in comic book issues and later in ten compilation sets of graphic novels, which is how I've separated them on this site. They tell the stories of the Endless, seven siblings who personify aspects of life: Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium, in order of oldest to youngest. The stories almost entirely center around the third of the Endless, Dream--hence the title Sandman. These graphic novels introduce us to all the characters and take us on many wild rides as mortals' lives get tangled up in the affairs of the Endless. There are many spinoffs and related works, but this is simply dedicated to the first ten graphic novels, as they are the core of the concept.


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[Preludes and Nocturnes] [The Doll's House] [Dream Country] [Season of Mists] [A Game of You]
#1: Preludes and Nocturnes #2: The Doll's House #3: Dream Country #4: Season of Mists #5: A Game of You
[Fables and Reflections] [Brief Lives] [World's End] [The Kindly Ones] [The Wake]
#6: Fables and Reflections #7: Brief Lives #8: World's End #9: The Kindly Ones #10: The Wake


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