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This page is a collection of sites that discuss, mention, or link to me around the Web. If you have seen me or my work discussed somewhere and you'd like to notify me, please do.



  • How to Make an Invisibility Cloak in Photoshop: My friend Eric needed a model for his article on stupid Photoshop tricks, so many photos of me wearing a cloak in various states of invisibility are featured in this article.

  • Internet friends: Abstractions until you actually meet them: My friend Jeremy wrote about the surreal experience of getting to meet me in person after knowing me online for years.

  • Dave McCombs mentions me as his possible arch-nemesis on his site (though he needs to fix his link). He declared this because he's worried I'm a better writer than he is.

  • My Guardian Angels used a picture of me with my phone as an illustration for a blog entry about smartphones.

  • StumbleUpon: Reviews from people who have Stumbled the site.

  • Warning: Selfies Ahead: Albert used one of my blog posts about how selfies are cool, not pathetic, as a springboard for his own selfie-filled post.

  • Kari made me a purse and put it on DeviantArt, then plugged my book in the entry. It's cute.

  • Beach City Bugle, a Steven Universe fan site, spotlighted my animated music videos The Power of Two and Amethyst's Mess.
  • Where's My Jetpack?! interviewed me about Steven Universe and queer media for Pride 2021.



  • "Awful Site of the Day" on Something Awful: Got puked upon by Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller on July 22, 2010. References my comprehensive debunking of G. Tesch's misleading advertising strategies and proceeds to present a list of the things I like and the things I do while presenting my existence as pathetic.

  • Music video on YouTube: G. Tesch VERY briefly has my face spliced into one of her videos (superimposed with the word "ratchet," wow, hardcore) in which she is dancing around clearly thinking she is issuing a resounding in-your-face at me for daring to criticize her terrible promotional tactics and exposing her lies. Obviously it's easy for people like her to claim I'm a "hater" instead of actually addressing the criticism or refraining from committing the sins I pointed out. Too bad everyone who knows the situation (read: everyone who's ever Googled her, since my criticism of her is more popular than her actual work) knows how desperately she would like to be able to do what I'm doing, writing-wise.

  • Awful Profiles by Women: Some website devoted to shaming "bad" profiles by women on dating sites (with a mission statement acknowledging that only women's profiles should be featured, since men with bad profiles should be pitied, not mocked), which has part of my profile pasted in with little commentary because apparently my hilarious "awfulness" is self-evident. It is presented by user "Dd3dd" as "this one is going to be hard to beat." The page is full of men discussing how the women have no right to be so picky about what men they want because they are not very pretty (with typical PUA-style subjective ratings of "high 6" and whatnot slapped on women who don't deserve to be picky) and rambling about how all the women on this site should really be begging for their attention and will never get a man with this entitled attitude spewing for their STANDARDS and whatnot. Gotta say I'm GLAD men like this find me repugnant, because the feeling is definitely mutual.

  • Coming out as "asexual": Men's Rights Activists explain that I am nothing but a special snowflake and also am asexual because of having been forced to be so due to my below average physical appearance. Lulz. They're so original. A duplicate thread posts a photo of a model and says they'll only believe "this bullshit" when a woman who looks like the model comes out as asexual.

  • "Justify Your Crap" on xenex.org: Received a borderline incoherent and seemingly deliberately convoluted "review" of my short story "Clouds." Written by Stevehen J. Warren.

  • TheForum: In a thread entitled "I Take The Internet Seriously And Made Page About Assholes," a user called "AlterEgo" calls for folks to send me sexual offers and rape/death threats. They criticize my website, use a lot of foul language, and call me ugly a lot. Ho-hum. (You have to be a TheForum member to read this thread.)

  • The Internet Is Terrible: My YouTube video "Stupid" got listed under "This video is 9 min long" on a site dedicated to posting the worst sites on the Internet.

  • Asexuality, Porn, and Me: A LiveJournal member submits a rather confused-sounding criticism of my published article "Asexuality isn't Antisexuality," suggesting that my definition of asexuality isn't inclusive enough because I exclude people who experience sexual attraction.

  • Studiously Uncool has decided I deserve no "sympathy" for my orientation because I consider it part of my identity, just like heterosexual people do. She spends the rest of the blog entry discussing how it's clear I'm just lying to myself and framing asexuality as a "failure to develop a part of your personality." Ho-hum.

  • Taki's Magazine writes a deliberately exaggerated, misrepresentative, mocking account of what the asexual community is about, complete with redefining our terms in inaccurate ways so they can make fun of how absurd WE are. My book is mentioned, referred to as "the Mein Kampf of the chronically un-aroused." Great comparison--asexual people to Nazis--especially since the author of said book is a woman of Jewish heritage.



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