SwankiVY's Sleeping Beauty Collection!

I collect any version I can find of this fairy tale or anything really closely resembling it. I do that just out of curiosity, because I re-wrote this story in a huge novel called Bad Fairy and I thought it would be neat to have a bunch of versions of the story. I will collect any version, from pre-Perrault to Grimm to Disney. Even if it's just someone else's retelling or one of the stories in a volume with many stories, I want it. I'm especially interested in illustrated versions.

Author/Publisher Title ISBN Cover
Amoss, Berthe Five Fairy Tale Princesses 0679892346 [*]
Anime Kikaku Nemuri no Mori no Hime 452201659x [*]
Bracken Books Best Loved Fairy Tales 1851700323 [*]
Brierley, Jane Sleeping Beauty 2894298501 [*]
Card, Orson Scott Enchantment 0345416880 [*]
Dale, Penny Princess, Princess 0763622125 [*]
Desclot, Miguel; Abbrederis, Christoph The Sleeping Beauty/La Bella Durmiente 0811839133 [*]
Dokey, Cameron Beauty Sleep 074342221x [*]
Easton, Samantha; Bywaters, Lynn Sleeping Beauty 0836249151 [*]
Faulkner, Keith; Galvani, Maureen Pick-A-Tale Fairy Tales 0843137207 [*]
Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm, Zipes, Jack (translated by) The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (Volume 1) 0553212389 [*]
Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales 048627084x [*]
Hapka, Catherine (adapted by) Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty: A Read-Aloud Storybook 0736420983 [*]
HarperFestival A Charming Princess Collection 006059604x [*]
Kassirer, Sue Barbie: Sleeping Beauty 0307106020 [*]
Lackey, Mercedes The Gates of Sleep 0756401011 [*]
Lang, Andrew The Blue Fairy Book 0486214370 [*]
Larkin, Rochelle; Banek, Yvette My Very First Sleeping Beauty Storybook (no ISBN) [*]
Levine, Gail Carson Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep 0060280646 [*]
McCole, Danielle (retold by) The Classic Treasury of Grimm's Fairy Tales 0762411155 [*]
McKinley, Robin Spindle's End 0441008658 [*]
Modern Publishing Sleeping Beauty 1561441724 [*]
Mouse Works Publishing Sleeping Beauty 1570828679 [*]
Nemerson, Roy (adapted by) Grimm's Fairy Tales: Great Illustrated Classics 0866118748 [*]
Parragon Publishing The Bedtime Treasury 0752576879 [*]
Parragon Publishing Sleeping Beauty 0752592661 [*]
Parragon Publishing Treasured Tales 0752589121 [*]
Perrault, Charles The Complete Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault 0395570026 [*]
Perrault, Charles Sleeping Beauty (no ISBN) [*]
Perrault, Charles The Sleeping Beauty In the Wood 0871919443 [*]
Peters, Amy The Everything Fairy Tales Book 1580625460 [*]
Popular Group One-Hundred-and-One Read-Aloud Classics 1590270177 [*]
Posner, Pat & Young, Hilda Traditional Fairy Tales 051763399x [*]
Publications International, Ltd. Fairy Tales: Keepsake Edition 0785352422 [*]
Publications International, Ltd. Read-Together Treasury: Fairy Tales 0785372504 [*]
Publications International, Ltd. The Sleeping Beauty 0785304835 [*]
Publications International, Ltd. The Sleeping Beauty 0785300252 [*]
Publications International, Ltd. Treasury of Fairy Tales 0785377719 [*]
Rupnik, Louise My Bedtime Book of Favorite Princess Stories 0312494335 [*]
Scriven, R.C. (edited by) The Full Color Fairytale Book 0517145332 [*]
Superscope Sleeping Beauty (no ISBN) [*]
Sweetwater Press Fairy Tails: Sleeping Beauty 1581733755 [*]
Teitelbaum, Michael (adapted by) Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty 0736413189 [*]
Tepper, Sheri S. Beauty 0553295276 [*]
Thorpe, Kiki My Side of the Story: Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent 0786835028 [*]
Waters, Fiona (chosen by) Kingfisher Treasury of Princess Stories 0753456338 [*]
Wonder Books Read-Aloud Fairy Tales (no ISBN) [*]
Yolen, Jane Briar Rose 0765342308 [*]



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